1Z0-061 - Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals Exam

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Example Questions

Which two statements are true regarding the count function? Evaluate the following query: SQL> SELECT TRUNC(ROUND(156.00, -1), -1) FROM DUAL; What would be the outcome? You need to create a table for a banking application. One of the columns in the table has the following requirements: 1) You want a column in the table to store the duration of the credit period. 2) The data in the column should be stored in a format such that it can be easily added and subtracted with date data type without using conversion functions. 3) The maximum period of the credit provision in the application is 30 days. 4) The interest has to be calculated for the number of days an individual has taken a credit for. Which data type would you use for such a column in the table? Which normal form is a table in if it has no multi-valued attributes and no partial dependencies? You issue the following command to drop the products table: SQL> DROP TABLE products; Which three statements are true about the implication of this command? Which two statements are true regarding constraints? Which statement is true regarding the default behavior of the order by clause? Which statement is true regarding the UNION operator? Examine the create table statements for the stores and sales tables. SQL> CREATE TABLE stores(store_id NUMBER(4) CONSTRAINT store_id_pk PRIMARY KEY, store_name VARCHAR2(12), store_address VARCHAR2(20), start_date DATE); SQL> CREATE TABLE sales(sales_id NUMBER(4) CONSTRAINT sales_id_pk PRIMARY KEY, item_id NUMBER(4), quantity NUMBER(10), sales_date DATE, store_id NUMBER(4), CONSTRAINT store_id_fk FOREIGN KEY(store_id) REFERENCES stores(store_id)); You executed the following statement: SQL> DELETE from stores WHERE store_id=900; The statement fails due to the integrity constraint error: ORA-02292: integrity constraint (HR.STORE_ID_FK) violated Which three options ensure that the statement will execute successfully? Which three tasks can be performed using SQL functions built into Oracle Database? In which three situations does a transaction complete?

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