1Z0-048 - Oracle Database 10g R2: Real Application Clusters for Administrators

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Example Questions

You are considering issues involving backup and recovery of the voting disk. Select four correct statements. (Choose four.) Which three statements regarding backup of the voting disk are true? (Choose three.) After migrating from a 10g R1 cluster to 10g R2, you decide to multiplex your voting disk. Which are the two ways in which you can accomplish this task? (Choose two.) When do you get the first notification after you execute the following command on instance RDBA1? exec DBMS_SERVER_ALERT.SET_THRESHOLD(- METRICS_ID => dbms_server_alert.elapsed_time_per_call, WARNING_OPERATOR => dbms_server_alert.operator_ge, WARNING_VALUE => '500000', CRITICAL_OPERATOR => dbms_server_alert.operator_ge, CRITICAL_VALUE => '750000', OBSERVATION_PERIOD => 15, CONSECUTIVE_OCCURRENCES => 3, INSTANCE_NAME => 'RDBA1', OBJECT_TYPE => dbms_server_alert.object_type_service, OBJECT_NAME => 'ERP'); After the cluster database has been successfully created, several postinstallation tasks should be completed. Identify three of them. (Choose three.) You are working as a DBA in a RAC environment that is available for testing. The RAC environment has all the database files stored in the OCFS file system. You plan to install ASM and move all the database files to ASM to achieve better performance. During the installation, you selected redundancy level as normal for the disk group being added. What is the reason for selecting this redundancy level? Which optional parameter of the DESCRIPTION clause of a TNS entry can you use to randomize the access to available listeners? Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) can be recovered on a UNIX platform using which two commands? (Choose two.) You are asked to investigate a problem regarding client connectivity between the HR service and a database, which is on a four-node RAC cluster. The HR service has four preferred instances on the RAC cluster. This cluster also supports five other services. Occasionally, a client-connect request for the HR service takes several minutes to connect, whereas the other five services connect within a second or two. Client-side and server-side connection load balancing are used for all the services. Which combination of network settings would explain these symptoms? (Choose two.) Which three storage types are suitable as a flash recovery area for an Oracle 10g RAC database? (Choose three.) Which initialization parameter would you use for each RAC instance to make sure that each listener on each RAC node is aware of the load of all the others? You are creating a database in your RAC implementation. You are using the DBCA to create the database, and you selected the Raw Devices Mapping file on one of the screens of the DBCA. What is the reason for selecting this file? Several steps must be followed to successfully add a new node to your cluster database. Assuming that a UNIX platform is used, which of the three steps below are correct? (Choose three.) In a RAC environment, you see a steep increase for enq:HW - contention and gc current grant wait events. What would you do to fix this issue?