1Z0-041 - Oracle Database 10g 2 Day DBA Assessment Exam

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Example Questions

Which three components comprise a relational database model? (Choose three.) You are the database administrator of a financial institution. The application developer in your company is working on the Loans module. This module requires you to create a reusable database object that computes and returns the fixed rate of interest for a loan by using the principal amount, the tenure of the loan, and the category of the customer. Which database object would you create? You created a new Enterprise Manager user. What privileges does this user have? A control file has been accidentally deleted. What happens when you try to start an instance and connect to the database? In which of the following states can administrators perform certain administrative functions that cannot be performed when other users are accessing the database? You manually configured the System Global Area (SGA). If you want the Oracle server to manage the size of the SGA dynamically on its own, then which option would be the solution? How would you ensure that the System Global Area (SGA) is optimally shared among all its subcomponents? How do you access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control on a host, myhost, in the domain, oracle.com, that uses the default port, from a client browser? Which three statements are true about database storage structures? (Choose three.) Examine the following features of a backup strategy: The backup operation is performed when the instance is shut down. All the changes in the redo logs have been applied to the datafiles. The database can be opened immediately after the restore operation. What type of backup is created when this backup strategy is implemented? To protect the sample schema accounts from an unauthorized user access, these accounts are _____. Which three Oracle tools have their correct uses listed next to them? (Choose three.) Which two system privileges or roles enable you to access the database instance even when the database is not open? (Choose two.) You are installing Oracle10g on Linux operating system. Which two scripts would you need to run as user root? (Choose two.) Which condition causes the status of a redo log group member to be invalid? Which two statements are correct regarding naming methods? (Choose two.) Which two settings of the Workload Repository page affect the behavior of the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)? (Choose two.) Which method can you use to receive a notification when the free disk space in the recovery area falls below 10%? The contents of a SQL* Loader control file and the datafile are as follows: Control file: load.ctl LOAD DATA INTO TABLE myuser.purchase_orders REPLACE FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';' (po_id, po_date date 'yyyymmdd', po_desc char(25), po_item char(25), po_item2 char(25)) Datafile: load.dat 1; 20031025; DSL/Wireless Expense Oct; Home DSL; Wireless 2; 20031125; Office Equipment; Optical Mouse; Network Router 3; 20031225; Computer System; Dell Pentium 4 Laptop; Docking Bay Which two database users can log in to Enterprise Manager and perform the batch load of this data? (Choose two.) A long running query to a database fails to execute because the undo records for this query have been overwritten. Which two of these options provide a solution to this problem? (Choose two.) Which statement represents the Segment Advisor's feature? You are unable to access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control and connect to a database from a client browser. Which two reasons can cause this problem? (Choose two.) The Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control on your system uses a port that is not the default port. Which method helps you to identify the port number for your system? Which two methods can you use to proactively monitor the workload and database state? (Choose two.)