1Z0-040 - Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators

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Example Questions

What issue might you encounter when upgrading Forms 6i applications that you previously deployed using the Forms Listener? You want to perform the database backup when user activity on your system is low, such as between 12:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. Which command terminates with an error if the backup is not complete at the end of the specified duration? The system was running a normal workload during the last 24 hours. You need to ensure that with the same workload you should be able to flashbash tables by three hours. What would you do to find the system recommendations for the undo retention period and the undo tablespace size? You have the following requirements with respect to optimizer statistics: The statistics should be generated automatically during weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. The objects that need updated statistics the most should be processed first. What should you do? Which list contains only those methods for using Java in Forms? Which two data types can be converted to LOBs using an ALTERMODIFY command? Consider the following configuration: /devices/D1 is a member of disk group dgroupA . /devices/D2 is a member of disk group dgroupA . /devices/D3 is a member of disk group dgroupA . You plan to add a new disk, /devices/D4, to the disk group dgroupA and execute the following command: SQL> ALTER DISKGROUP dgroupA ADD DISK '/devices/D*'; Which task would be accomplished by the command? Which files must be modified to configure Forms Trace? You want to retain the job entries for the last five days and purge all job entries from the job log that are older than five days. Select the command that will enable you to do the job. Tom is the DBA of DNX Bank. The users of the banking system are complaining that all debit transactions are taking too long to execute. The details of the application used for this purpose are listed below: Application - Bank_DNX to access banking accounts Module - CUSTLEDGER Action DEBIT_ENTRY Which command should Tom execute in order to gather static for the states problem? You executed the following command on a partitioned table sales_test: ALTER TABLE sales_test MOVE PARTITION s_q3 TABLESPACE users2 UPDATE INDEXES (sales_test_ix (PARTITION s_q3 TABLESPACE example) ); Which two statements regarding the above command are correct? (Choose two.) You want to make an LOV cancelable at the time or record retrieval. You also need to obtain information about the number of records retrieved by the LOV at any particular time. Which two properties of which two objects must you set? Which file contains Forms Servlet parameters? Consider this syntax : MERGE INTO t1 USING t2 ON (join predicate)?. What does the MERGE syntax do? Which statement about the Debug Console is true? Consider the following command to add a new disk group called "tdgroupA" with two failover groups: CREATE DISKGROUP tdgrouopA NORMAD REDUNDANCY FAILOVERGROUP control01 DISK '/devices/A1', '/devices/A2', '/devices/A3' FAILOVERGROUP control02 DISK '/devices/B1', '/devices/B2', '/devices/B3'; The disk "/devices/A1" is currently a member disk of a disk group by name "tdgroup1" Which task would be accomplished by the command? Examine the list of variables and their data types: Name Data Type TS, TS1 TIMESTAMP TSZ TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE TLZ TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE IYM INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH IDS, IDS1 INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND Which three expressions using the new date and time data types are valid? What is the Character Set Scanner? You are using a hyperlink JavaBean in a form so that users can click the bean area at run time to open your company's Web page. What must you do to make the hyperlink bean functional? Your Oracle9iAS HTTP Listener is configured for the default port. You want to ensure that your Forms Listener Servlet can manage communication between the Forms Java Client and Oracle9iAS Forms Services. What action is required? You executed the following command: RMAN> RECOVER COPY OF DATAFILE '/U01/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/users01.dbf'; Which statement regarding the above command is correct? Which three statements are true about the PL/SQL Packages panel in the Forms debugger? (Choose three) Which two statements are true regarding the use of UTF-16 encoding? (Choose two.) The database is currently running in the NOARCHIVELOG mode. What would be the first step to configure Flashback Database? Immediately after adding a new disk to or removing an existing disk from an ASM instance, you find that the performance of the database goes down initially until the time the addition or removal process is completed, and then gradually becomes normal. Which two activities would you perform to maintain a consistent performance of the database while adding or removing disks? (Choose two) Which Forms applet parameters define the location of the applet JAR files? An AFTER SUSPEND system event trigger containing no exception handler is fired, and runs out of space after inserting some audit records. Which two events happen? (Choose two.) Oracle provides a database package called dbms_redefinition to perform an online rebuild of a table. Which two steps are you recommended to do prior to issuing the dbms _redefinition.start_redef_table procedure call? (Choose two) You are running a form in debug mode and you begin to step through the code of a lengthy subprogram. After stepping through a few lines of its code, you realize that the error comes not from the code in that particular subprogram but from code that is executed after it. At this point, what is the most efficient action to take? You created a tablespace with the following statement: CREATE BIGFILE TABLESPACE adtbs DATAFILE '/probdb/data/adtbs.dbf' SIZE 10G; There is now a requirement to increase the size of the tablespace. Which two ALTER statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.) Which two statements are advantages of setting the Forms module's Interaction Mode property to Non-Blocking? (Choose two) You want to convert your existing non-ASM files to ASM filesfor the database PROD. Which method or command would you use to accomplish this task? In the Oracle 10g Data Guard architecture, what is the purpose of the Log Transport Services? You created a form in Forms Builder and you want to store it in the database, but you cannot find an option to save it to the database. How can you enable the option to save modules to the database? Which three are true for a version-enabled table? (choose three) Consider an Oracle instance that is using Automatic Shared Memory Management. You set some of the System Global Area (SGA) parameters as shown below: SGA_TARGET = 200 MB SHARED_POOL_SIZE= 20 MB DB_KEEP_CACHE_SIZE = 30 MB Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.) You work as a database administrator for . You started the instance using the init.ora file. You have two control files and three redo log groups in your database. You decided to protect the database against failures by adding one more control file. Which file is the appropriate way to perform this task? You created a database (using Database Configuration Assistant [DBCA]) by using one of the default templates. The default permanent tablespace for the non-system users, excluding DBSNMP and OUTLN users, will be set to ________. Standby redo logs are used in Data Guard environments for a number of reasons. Which three statements are true regarding standby redo logs? The ______ procedure is used to determine which statements are needed to make your materialized view eligible for fast refresh and usable for general rewrite. You want to test your forms in a separate window from the browser window containing the Forms applet. What changes in your Forms Builder session would make this possible? You are troubleshooting an Oracle9i Forms application in which a user reports intermittent FRM errors, although the application continues to run. Which tool could you use to log information about the application that would help you determine what is causing the errors? What must you do to enable Automated SQL Execution Memory Magement? You work as a database administrator for . In your production database, the size of Database Buffer Cache needs to be increased immediately for the current as well as future instances of the database. The Oracle instance has been configured to accommodate any changes in the size of the memory structures. At this is production database, you want to accomplish this task with no impact on the user's connections. Which activity must you have completed before accomplishing this task? Which background process does Automatic Shared Memory Management use to coordinate the sizing of memory components? How does the Oracle9iAS HTTP Server handle a request for a Forms application? You have enabled debug-level Servlet Logging for the Forms Servlet for all users of an application. At the end of the work day, you want to analyze the log file. Which file do you examine? You are working on a database that was created using Oracle Database 10g, the default tablespace type property was not changed. You execute the following statement to create a tablespace, mytbs: CREATE TABLESAPCE mythbs DATAFILE '/u1/data/mytbs.dbf' SIZE 100M; Which two statements are correct regarding the mytbs tablespace? (Choose two) Examine the statement: SQL> CREATE TABLESPACE user_data 2> EXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL 3> SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT AUTO; Which two assumptions must be true for this statement to execute successfully? (choose two) What do the CFAPI and JDAPI utilities develop?

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