1Z0-036 - Managing Oracle9i on Linux

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Example Questions

Which two command would you use to display 10 reports of statistics for all processors at 5-second intervals? (Choose two.) Which command is used to identify the kernel version number? Which two statements are true about Oracle SID? (Choose two.) You are creating a database using Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA). You need to save the SQL scripts that are being used to create the database. Which set of options would you select? Which statistics enable you to view the impact of SQL statements on input/output (I/O) statistics? Which two options enable host name resolution? (Choose two.) Which package displays system usage graphs for CPU usage, memory usage, and system load? Which two statements are true about Oracle Clustered File System (OCFS)? (Choose two.) You have the following two Oracle homes on a machine: /u1/oracle/ora81 /u2/oracle/ora92 You have installed SQL*Plus in /u2/oracle/ora92 but not in /u1/oracle/ora81 . You have set the PATH and ORACLE_HOME environment variables as: PATH=/u1/oracle/ora81/bin:/u2/oracle/ora92/bin:$PATH ORACLE_HOME=/u1/oracle/ora81 You are trying to run SQL*Plus. What will happen? Which two statements are correct about the DB_WRITER_PROCESSES initialization parameter? (Choose two.) You have the following entry in the /etc/fstab file: / dev/hda5 /opt ext3 data=writeback 1 0 What is true about the data=writeback part of the entry with respect to the ext3 file system? While measuring memory statistics, you find that the system runs low on memory. However, the kernel file cache continues to be allocated. How can you prevent the allocation of kernel file cache in this situation? Which file contains the Oracle Enterprise Manager repository owner's username and encrypted password? Which two cases of network statistics indicate network load? (Choose two.) You are creating a database by using Database Configuration Assistant. You plan to use the database for a Geographical Information System (GIS) to implement geo-reference. Which database feature must you include? You are accessing a remote database by using the following username, password, and connect string: user1/[email protected]_hr You need the following details: - the host name on which the remote database resides - whether the remote database is using dedicated server mode or shared server mode - the protocol being used to access the remote database Which command or utility will give you the desired information? You want to view extended statistics of input/output (I/O) activity by partition. However, you want to suppress CPU statistics. Which command would you use to display 10 reports at 2-second intervals? Each semaphore set is allocated 90 semaphores. The PROCESSES initialization parameter of the Oracle9i Release 2 database is set to 90. Which statement about semaphores is true? Examine the following setting that you make while installing Statspack: d default_tablespace='SYSTEM' Which statement about this setting is true? Which Oracle Net utility or tool is integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager? LMN International is a leading airline operating across the globe. The resources include a Linux AS machine that is brought online during emergencies or when the primary server is taken offline. Which tool does not require the system to be running continuously to schedule jobs on the Linux AS machine? What results would you expect with the netstat -sp command? Which two methods would you use to boot to a nondefault runlevel? (Choose two.) Which information about your system will help you determine if CPU is a bottleneck? (Choose three.) You set the PRE_PAGE_SGA initialization parameter to True . Which two outcomes will result due to the setting of this parameter value? (Choose two.) You are using Database Configuration Assistant to create a database. Which database template allows the creation of additional tablespaces during database creation? Examine the following entry in the crontab file: 30 18 15 * * su-oracle-c/usr/local/bin/backup.cmd >/dev/null 2>&1 Which two statements about this entry are true? (Choose two.) You upgraded the Linux operating system (OS). Which command would you use to relink all Oracle executables manually? Examine the following setting that you make while installing Statspack: default_tablespace='SYSTEM' Which statement about this setting is true? Which environment variable specifies the location of the language files for Oracle 9.2 installation? Where is the connection timeout value for the Uni Call Interface (UCI) set? You want the default database to participate in automatic startup and have configured the startup script and runlevels. However, the dbstart script does not start the instance. Which two methods can you use to work around the problem? (Choose two.) Which command would you use to upgrade the kernel packages and retain the configuration files? Which three commands can you use to display an overview of the memory usage in a system? (Choose three.) An application executes a set of SQL scripts on a daily basis. The application makes an entry to the ERROR_ENTRY table each time a script fails. Entries in the ERROR_ENTRY table are moved to a different table after the error is resolved. You want to be notified on the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) console when the application finds more than three script failures. What would you do? Which set of steps describes the method to calculate the amount of memory that is required for bigpages? What does high input/output (I/O) statistics on the swap partition indicate? Examine the following entry in the sysctl.conf file: fs.file-max = 65536 What is the significance of this entry? Which three tools or utilities can you use to enable tracing for the listener? (Choose three.) You are managing a data warehouse on an Oracle 9.2 installation. The datafiles are on ext3 file system. You have enabled asynchronous input/output (I/O) for Oracle server. Which tuning parameter would you use to improve I/O throughput at the Linux operating system (OS) level? You need to ensure that whenever you create a new file, it should have the following set of permissions: u=rwx,g=rx,o=rx . Which statement would you add to the .bashrc script to set the desired file permissions? Which command can you execute to display the statistics of total memory, swap usage, and adjustments to free and used memory? You are installing the Oracle software on ora_box1 from ora_box2 . Which two options specify the commands that you would enter in ora_box2 to view the installation screens? (Choose two.) Which command should you execute to disable access restriction on the X server? Which two statements about the Oracle server using semaphores are correct? (Choose two.) When you restarted the machine after editing the display settings, the monitor displays red, green, and blue lines. Which set of steps should you use to troubleshoot the problem? What is the command to reinitialize the kernel with new values contained in the sysctl.conf file? Which set of steps must user21a perform to schedule a cron task? You are working in a multiple instance environment. In which file would you place references to all the local databases so that Intelligent Agent can discover them? You need to modify the ksms.s library and relink the Oracle database executable to use the address 0X15000000 for the System Global Area (SGA). Which set of commands would you use?