1Z0-035 - Oracle9i DBA New Features for Oracle7.3 and Oracle8 OCPs

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Example Questions

Which statement is true when using the DBVERIFY utility to detect corruptions in an Oracle data block? Examine the statement: DROP TABLESPACE IND2 INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES; What is the result of the statement? Examine the following parameter settings from an initialization (init.ora) file: DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST = '/u01/oradata/' DB_CREATE_ONLINE_LOG_DEST_1 = '/u02/oradata/' DB_CREATE_ONLINE_LOG_DEST_2 = '/u03/oradata/' If you create an Oracle Managed Files (OMF) database using these settings, what is the result? You issue these queries to obtain information about the REGIONS table: SQL> SELECT segment_name, tablespace_name 2> FROM user_segments 3> WHERE segment_name = 'REGIONS'; SEGMENT_NAME TABLESPACE_NAME ----------------------- ------------------------------ REGIONS SAMPLE SQL> SELECT constraint_name, constraint_type 2> FROM user_constraints 3> WHERE table_name = 'REGIONS'; CONSTRAINT_NAME C ------------------------------ ---- REGION_ID_NN C REG_ID_PK P SQL> SELECT index_name 2> FROM user_indexes 3> WHERE table_name = 'REGIONS'; INDEX_NAME ------------------------------ REG_ID_PK You then issue this command to move the REGIONS table: ALTER TABLE regions MOVE TABLESPACE user_data; What else must you do to complete the move of the REGIONS table? You can control instance recovery performance by setting parameters to define targets for _____. Examine this startup script called startmydb.sql: CONNECT myid/mypwd AS SYSDBA STARTUP EXIT In Oracle8i, you could have executed this script by invoking Server Manager with the command: svrmgrl @startmydb.sql Which alternative command could you use to run the startmydb.sql script with SQL*Plus to start your Oracle9i database? The Dynamic SGA feature allows the SGA to grow and shrink dynamically according to an ALTER SYSTEM command. This avoids the previous need of shutting down the instance in order to modify the components of the SGA, namely the buffer cache and shared pool components. Which three statements are true for the Dynamic SGA feature? (Choose three.) Which three statements about Recovery Manager backups are true? (Choose three.) Which two are true regarding a list-partitioned table? (Choose two.) What is characteristic of autonomous transactions? You decide to activate the resumable space allocation feature for all your database users by enabling the feature in a logon trigger. This causes a statement that requires space beyond a user's quota _____. Consider this RMAN command: RMAN> CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY CLEAR; What is the effect of this command? What are three benefits of performing data definition language (DDL) statements against a partitioned table with the UPDATE GLOBAL INDEXES clause? (Choose three.) What criterion does Oracle9i use to determine whether a database file is an Oracle Managed File? Which type of index should be created to spread the distribution of index updates across the index tree? Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) What is required for the Character Set Scanner to operate? Consider the following scenario using incremental backups. A level 1 backup is taken on the first of the month. A level 2 backup is taken every Sunday, and a level 3 backup is taken daily. If the database gets corrupted on the second Wednesday of the month and is lost, which scenario would restore the database completely? What does Block Media Recovery (BMR) do? What does the Character Set Scanner command line utility do? You use the TABLESPACES option of the Export command to export, not transport, the contents of a set of tablespaces. What are the only contents of the dump file? Users complain that SQL statements using a particular index fail. Using DBVERIFY, you find that two separate blocks in the index have become corrupt. The database data files for user data and index are very large. What is the least disruptive recovery strategy available in Oracle9i? Which statement correctly describes the function of the Oracle9i Cache Fusion feature? Oracle Enterprise Manage (OEM) can generate database reports. Which statement about this feature is true? What is true regarding a shared, server-side parameter file for a Real Application Clusters database? Which feature requires the extended ROWID format? What is the meaning of using "character semantics" to create a table? Which two are true regarding automatic space management segments? (Choose two.) Your database has tablespaces with different block sizes. What must you do to back these up with RMAN? To assist you in migrating your existing LONG columns to LOB data types, the ALTER TABLE syntax has been enhanced to support LONG to CLOB migration and LONG RAW to BLOB migration. During this migration, if redo logging is enabled for the table or for the LOB being created, the ALTER TABLE ?MODIFY command temporarily _____ the space requirements. Examine this fragment from a SQL*Plus session: SQL> SELECT name, value FROM v$sysstat 2> WHERE name LIKE 'work area executions%'; NAME VALUE -------------------------------- -------------- work area executions - optimal 1544 work area executions - onepass 11 work area executions - multipass 1038 What can you conclude about the setting of the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET initialization parameter? What is true about version-enabled tables? Which three attributes of the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameter control the data availability mode of a Data Guard standby database? (Choose three.) Examine this statement: SELECT * FROM ( SELECT class_id, crs_id FROM classes ORDER BY start_date DESC) WHERE ROWNUM < 11; What will happen when this executes? What does fine-grained access enable you to do? You migrated the PROD database to Oracle9i and are considering using the partition feature. The first step is to identify which tables should be partitioned. Which two tables would you consider candidates for partitioning? (Choose two.) Why can setting too low a value for the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET parameter reduce your overall database performance? Which command can you use to alter the active size of the SGA dynamically, where the entered value differs from the current one? Which three things can the ALTER INDEX REBUILD command accomplish? (Choose three.) Automatic Consumer Group Switching is an important new feature of the Database Resource Manager. Which three plan directive parameters are used to control this feature? (Choose three.) Which three table transformations can be done using online redefinition of tables? (Choose three.) You need to add a column to a table that holds updateable image data. Which data type should you use for this column? The TYPE clause used in the creation of an external table defines which access driver is used to convert the data when needed by SQL statements inside the database. Which type of access driver is supported for external tables? Which CREATE TABLE parameter should you be concerned with if the length of rows in an index-organized table vary over a wide range of values? Which two procedures or functions are part of the DBMS_METADATA package? (Choose two.) You can use Oracle Flashback to look at past activity in your database. What are two other characteristics of Oracle Flashback? (Choose two.) In which tablespace are temporary LOBs stored? Online index rebuild functionality has been extended to include which four index structures? (Choose four.) What are three advantages of using Oracle Advanced Queuing? (Choose three.) What do you need to do in order for the Database Resource Manager to estimate, in advance, the execution time of a statement?