1Z0-027 - Oracle Exadata Database Machine Administration, Software Release 11.x Exam

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Example Questions

Your Database Machine has a large database with some very large tables supporting OLTP workloads. High volume Insert applications and high volume update workloads access the same tables. You decide to compress these tables without causing unacceptable performance overheads to the OLTP application. Which three are true regarding this requirement? Which statement is true about operating systems on database Machine multi-rack configuration consisting of two full racks and one Exadata storage rack? To troubleshoot a possible hardware problem, you consider moving all disk drives from one Exadata storage server to a replacement chassis. You must contain storage availability while performing task. The Exadata storage server is an X3-8 Database Machine and storage grid is not partitioned. Which two factors would prevent you from moving the disks from one Exadata storage server to another one? Which two are Oracle recommendations for media based backups performed for a database running on a Database Machine? You have altered an index supporting a constraint to be invisible on a large read only data warehouse table, to determine it Smart Scan operations will be fast enough to satisfy your performance requirements. Given the results of your testing, you consider dropping the index. Which two statements are true? You have used setupem.sh to deploy a plug in for Grid Control. In which two ways do all the targets supported by the plug-in get configured? You plan to migrate your Oracle Version database to your Exadata Database Machine. The database supports an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload and is currently hosted on a Little Endian platform Which two are the supported and appropriate migration methods to minimize downtime? Which two are true about the use of DBFS in a Database Machine environment? In which two locations should files be staged, to be loaded using external tables into a database on a Database Machine? You are in the planning stage of the network configuration for your Database Machine. The requirements are: 1. A fault-tolerant network, providing higher availability for connections to database instances 2. Fault tolerance providing higher availability for connections to perform management functions on the database and storage servers. 3. Full monitoring of all Database Machine components using Enterprise Manager Which three components require external Ethernet network cables to connect your existing network infrastructure to your database machine to satisfy this requirement? You recently upgraded your Exadata image to the latest release; previously you were using At the same time, you decide to address some performance problems as follows: You noticed increased latency for the database log writer, especially during the quarterly battery learn cycle on the cells. You have complaints of erratic performance from certain write-intensive applications. Which two actions could improve performance in these areas? Which two statements are true about the use of direct path loads when selecting from external tables in a database on a Database Machine? Identify two permitted uses of external InfiniBand connections to a Database Machine. You are using Hybrid Columnar Compression for a table stored in a tablespace that is contained in an Exadata-based ASM diskgroup. Identify three statements that correctly explain where the compression and decompression can be done. Which three factors should you consider when choosing a method for migrating a database to the Database Machine? You plan to monitor the status of the motherboard, memory, power, fans, and network cards on the database nodes in your Database machine using Enterprise Manager. Where must you set the thresholds for these hardware components and why to assure that sensor readings, faults any related alerts, are visible in Enterprise Manager? Which three storage components are available after the standard initial Database machine deployment? Which tool will provide you with diagnostic information for all the software log, trace files, and OS information on Database Machine? You plan to migrate an existing production database supporting online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads to the Exadata Database Machine. The database currently supports an application requiring fast response times, which satisfies stringent requirements, and most of the application queries use index access to the tables in the application schema. For which case would you consider dropping indexes to allow Smart Scans to occur? Which is true regarding Enterprise Manager monitoring and configuration? What is the benefit of bonding the client access network configuration? Which two communication methods are used by which components in the Enterprise manager Architecture for the Database Machine? Identity the resource bottleneck for which QoS Management can generate recommendation? To guarantee proper cooling, you plan to place perforated floor tiles near your Database Machine. Where, in relation to the cabinet, should they be placed? You plan to migrate an Oracle database that supports an online transaction processing (OLTP) workload to your Database Machine. Following are details for the source database: Database version: 10.2.0 Byte order: Big Endian HP-UX (64-bit) Database size: 24 TB Storage: ASM with 1 MB allocation unit size Which two are supported migration methods? Which two activities are supported on the storage servers in the Database Machine? Which two are true about Exadata storage server alerts? Your database Machine has the exachk utility pre-installed and you decide to use it periodically, to validate the installation against Oracle's recommended best practices. Which two actions could you take to do this? Which two are true about the use of the Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) on the Database Machine? Which two statements are true about the IPTables firewall configuration on a Database Machine- Machine after the default Initial deployment? Identify two valid reasons for creating multiple griddisks on a Single celldisk. Identify three valid configuration options that can be implemented during the initial configuration process of a new Database Machine by using the Exadata Deployment Assistant Which three are true about Smart Flash log? Which type of network traffic is transported over the internal InfiniBand network in a Database Machine? You plan to monitor storage servers after configuring an I/O resource manager plan with directives for inter-database plans and intra-database plans. Which two types if metrics would help assess the impact of the intra-database plans on I/O to the storage servers? Which two are regarding the case of storage indexes? You are about to replace one memory DIMM in an Exadata storage server and need to power off the affected cell. Which four commands must you execute to safely power off the storage server in your standard deployed quarter rack Database Machine assuming that redundancy is not compromised? Which two may act as building blocks for the creation of two or more griddisks residing on the same physical device and which have more balanced performance characteristics? You have a partitioned database grid on an X3-2 full rack with two four-node RAC clusters called CLUSA and CLUSB. The storage grid, however, has not been partitioned. Which files on which servers must be modified after connecting an Exadata storage full expansion rack to your X3-2 Exadata Database Machine on the InfiniBand network so that the cells on the expansion rack are added to the storage grid? You must apply patches and patch bundles in a rolling fashion, if possible, on the components of your Database Machine. You use RAC for your database and also use Data Guard, having standby database on another Database Machine. You wish to have scripts that contain the appropriate command to patch your environment. Your patch bundle is on the first database server and is located at /u01/stage. You have downloaded the oplan utility to the first database server and run the following: $ORACLE_HOME/oplan/oplangenerateApplySteps /u01/stage Which two are true concerning oplan?