1Z0-023 - Oracle8i: Architecture and Administration

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Example Questions

What does the command 'ALTER DATABASE . . . RENAME DATAFILE' do? LGWR frequently waits on a checkpoint before performing a log switch. Which action should a DBA take? Which two actions can be used to multiplex the control file? (Choose two) What are two components of Oracle instance? (Choose two) In which two cases do you need to perform a conventional path load? (Choose two) Which clause CANNOT be used with a CREATE PROFILE command? What does the command ALTER USER scott DEFAULT ROLE NONE do? A DBA enters the command: ALTER DATABASE ADD LOGFILE MEMBER '/w01/oracle/DBA/log1b.rdo' TO GROUP 1, '/w02/oracle/DBA/log2b.rdo' TO GROUP 2; How does Oracle size the new redo logs? You are creating a database with a character set other than US7ACII. Which operating system environmental variable needs to be set to specify the directory location of the NLS support files? Which two methods can be used to increase the size of tablespace? (Choose two) You created a password file using the operating system command line. Orapwd file=orapsORCL password=secure entries=5 Which two users with a password of "secure" are included automatically in the password file? (Choose two) Consider the following command to create the user 'peter'. CREATE USER peter IDENTIFIED by panTEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp PASSWORD EXPIRE; Since no default tablespace was specified, what will happen if this command executed? In which situation is it appropriate to enable the restricted session mode? Which data dictionary view displays the database character set? What is the primary function of the redo logs? Which password management feature is NOT available by using a profile? The table should be _____ and _______ used to allow usage of the CACHE clause. Profiles are created to facilitate which two management items? (Choose two) A DBA performs the query: SELECT tablespace_name, max_blocksFROM dba_tablespace_quotasWHERE username= "SCOTT; That returns the result: TABLESPACE_NAME MAX_BLOCKS ------------------------------ ------------------ DATA01 -1 What does -1 indicate? Under which condition is it possible to connect to an Oracle database without providing a password? In Oracle8i, what does the FAST_START_IO_TARGET parameter do? Which statement about organizing tablespaces and segments is true? What are two characteristics of the control file? (Choose two) Which two are components of the SGA? (Choose two) Which statement about profiles is false? Which view displays the NLS initialization parameters that have been explicitly set? Can you drop objects from a read-only tablespace? User A grants the SELECT privilege WITH GRANT OPTION on the table EMP to User Which two dynamic views can be queried when the database is started up in nomount state? (Choose two) In an Oracle database, which two types of files should be multiplexed? (Choose two) Which statement about segments is true? You are responsible for managing disk space used for large sort operations. You are willing to allocate this space as needed and not de-allocate until the database is shutdown. You would like to reduce contention on data dictionary tables when this space is allocated. Where possible, you would like to avoid the overhead of generating rollback information when this space is allocated. What kind of tablespace is appropriate? A transaction fails and returns an ORA-01562 indicating that there is insufficient space in the rollback segment. What are two possible causes? (Choose two) Which memory area in the SGA us used by Oracle when compiling an SQL statement? Which component is NOT part of the shared pool? In response to the ARCHIVE LOG LIST command, Oracle displays: Database log mode No Archive ModeAutomatic archival EnabledArchive destination C:\ora\backup\archivelogsOldest online log sequence 1059 Current log sequence 1061 The DBA has not issued by any ALTER SYSTEM commands after starting the database. What is the value of the parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_START? In order to guarantee a minimum number of concurrent updates on a data block, which parameter do you need to set? When creating a user, which profile is assigned automatically to the user if none is defined? When creating a table, you must place the table in which tablespace? In which two ways can a DBA limit the size of the user trace files? (Choose two) Which data dictionary view shows the available free space in a certain tablespace? Which two commands can cause a database event trigger to fire? (Choose two) How does a DBA specify multiple control files? Which two dynamic performance views could you query to display the number of online redo log groups and the current log groups? (Choose two) Which dynamic view should a DBA query to obtain information about the different sections of the control file? You issue the following command: orapwd file=orapwORCL password=secure entries=5 What is the effect? What is the purpose of Oracle Wrapper utility, also known as the Wrap Utility or PL/SQL wrapper? Which statement about an Oracle instance is true? Which two data dictionary views would you query to investigate space usage in a tablespace? (Choose two) Which statement about using PCTFREE and PCTUSED is true?

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