1Z0-020 - Oracle8i: New Features for Administrators

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Example Questions

What are autonomous transactions? What is one of the benefits of system-managed locally managed tablespace, defined with the AUTOALLOCATE option? Your standby database has been in read-only mode for the past five hours. During this time ten log switched have taken place on the production database. The DBA now wants to put the database into a sustained recovery mode. What happens to the archive logs? Which three functions can be improved through the use of transportable tablespaces? (Choose two) Which two statements are true for an online index rebuild? (Choose two) Which tablespace stores the segment of a temporary table? What does the DBMS_OLAP.VALIDATE_DIMENSION procedure do? What must you do to enable partition-wise joins? A stored outline uses which database feature when creating an execution plan for a SQL statement? You set the PARALLEL_ADAPTIVE_MULTI_USER initialization parameter to TRUE. What happens? Which three steps should you complete before attempting a manual upgrade from Oracle8, version 8.0, to Oracle *I, release 1 or 2? (Choose three) Which command will open a standby database in read-only mode? What is found in the destination provided by the STANDBY_ARCHIVE_DEST parameter? Which statement about transportable tablespaces is true? Which two statements are true? (Choose two) When you create a stored outline, in which schema is it stored? Which tool, integrated with Oracle universal installer, can be used by third-party vendors to install their products as art of an Oracle installation? Which statement is true regarding composite partitions? Which two can be obtained from the summary advisor? (Choose two) Examine this command: ALTER SESSION SET USE_STORED_OUTLINE=TRUE; Which outline category will be used? Examine this statement: SELECT deptno, job, SUM(sal) FROM emp Which GROUP BY clause would you use to generate a subtotal of the sum of salaries in each department, and a subtotal of the sum of salaries of all the different job types? What does the optimizer plan stability feature use to maintain different stored outlines for the same SQL statement? Temporary tables retain data until the ________ Examine this command: ALTER SYSTEM SET USESTORED_OUTLINE=TRUE; Which outline category will be used? To avoid having the ampersand (&) treated as the substitution character in SQL*Plus which command(s) must you issue? You want to create a Java stored procedure. You have written the Java program. What are two methods for loading the Java code into the Oracle Virtual Machine? (Choose two) When does a SHUTDOWN event trigger fire? What can you see when querying V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS? Which three statements about fine-grained access control are true? (Choose three) Which three statements about transportable tablespaces are true? (Choose three) A DBA now has the ability to mark certain blocks of a table as being corrupt. This will enable a full table scan to skip over them. Inorderto achieve this, which command should a DBA issue? Given: LOG_ARCHIEVE_DEST_2" - "LOCATION = /archive2 OPTIONAL" What effect does OPTIONAL have in the location parameter? What does fine-grained access enable you to do? Why would you use the PL/SQL procedure DBMS_TTS.TRANSPORT_SET_CHECK? Which parameter would you use to set up archiving to a remote machine? Following an upgrade from Oracle8, release 8.0, to Oracle8i, release 1 or 2, you should run the script utlrp.sql to accomplish which goal? What happens during a complete refresh of a materialized view? Which two statements about dimensions are true? (Choose two) Which two initialization parameters are used to create the default value for the SERVICE_NAMES initialization parameter when it is not specified? (Choose two) Which feature of the Universal installer would help you install software in an environment with multiple databases on a single machine? Which action can be performed on a composite index partition? Which two statements about optimizer plan stability is true? (Choose two) Examine this execution plan: Execution Plan <br>0SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer = CHOOSE <br>10COUNT(STOPKEY) <br>21VIEW <br>32SORT (ORDER BY STOPKEY) <br>43TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF ’CLASSES’ <br><br>Which statement generated this execution plan? What is the maximum number of archival destinations allowed in Oracle 8i? What is one benefit of using the ALTER TABLE . . . . . . MOVE command rather than a CREATE TABLE . . . . . . AS SELECT command? Which two statements are true for materialized views? (Choose two) Which would you use to create a multiple databases with the same configuration? What is characteristic of autonomous transactions? Examine this statement: SELECT * FROM (SELECT class_id, crs_id FROM classes ORDER BY start_date DESC) WHERE ROWNUM<11; What will happen when this executes? What are two advantages of using locally managed tablespaces? (Choose two)

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