1Y0-A23 - XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2003: Administration

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Example Questions

Which of these is NOT a benefit of utilizing SmartAuditor? Citrix recommends installing both the online and offline plugins on client systems. This plugin combination enables you to: For effective load management using Load Evaluators, you can: What is dualmode streaming? To allow data collectors to communicate load information to other data collectors in the farm, which of the following should be configured? What does the VM Hosted Apps feature offer? What is a target? (Choose 3) To ensure client supplied parameters for a published application are passed from the client to the server, which of the following must be done? To enable content redirection from client to server, which of the following is NOT needed? Scenario: Users on a high latency network are complaining of applications being extremely slow and/or unresponsive for long periods of time. The administrators of this network can use the following SpeedScreen features to optimize user experience on this network: (Choose 4) You manage an environment with 50 servers in San Jose, 45 servers in New York and 6 servers in Brussels, Belgium. Connectivity between San Jose and New York is good, as is the connectivity between NY and Brussels. How many zones would be optimal for this farm? Who/what is a load evaluator? Which of these is known as the "Provider"? The Management Pack interprets and reports on information supplied by: (Choose 2) Which of the following are best practices for creating a custom load evaluator? (Choose 2) To permanently remove a XenApp administrator account, you must be: Your users are complaining of slow performance of a particular application published in your farm. You want to set a limit on the number of users allowed to connect to this application. Which of the following rules would you use? You have recently landed an important client account with potential deployments of thousands of servers. Which of the following deployment options can optimize performance in this scenario? If the data store is hosted on Oracle, give the following permissions to the Oracle user account employed for the server farm: Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) is: (Choose 2) How can the EasyCall voice services feature save money for enterprises? Load evaluators can be assigned to: (Choose 2) You manage an enterprise farm with several remote sites that are connected across a WAN. Administrators from remote sites have been complaining of data store locks for extended periods of time while performing routine farm maintenance. Which of the following measures can mitigate this issue? What are the evaluation criteria for assessing if an application is compatible with the XenApp environment? (Choose 3) What is an alternate profile? You are the administrator for a XenApp environment with users belonging to a Sales and Marketing Group. The email attachments of the users are multimedia intensive. In this scenario, which type of redirection works best for this user group? Which of the following load evaluator rules are calculated on conditions being either true or false?(Choose 2) An administrator uses the ______ to publish all the available resource types in the environment. Which of the following helps reduce power consumption and manage capacity of the XenApp servers? What is the benefit of the special "Anonymous" user group? To temporarily suspend the administrator rights of a user, you would use: What is the advantage of interisolation communication? (Choose 2) In WANs with high latency or error rates, which of the following is more suitable? When a zone's data collector fails, what is the process to fix on a new data collector? An administrator wants to disable IMA encryption in a farm. If he does this, he will have to: What are the different methods by which applications may be delivered in the XenApp environment? (Choose 3) As a XenApp administrator, you wish to enable users to be able to open any PDF file attachments to their emails. If Microsoft Outlook and Adobe Reader are running in separate profiles, what is the best way enable this? How do you ensure that applications that depend on the existence of other applications are installed smoothly? You are a Citrix Administrator in California who has to manage a farm at a remote site in Texas. To conserve bandwidth across the WAN while monitoring the Texas farm, which of these options would you choose? Server utilization can be improved by: Which of the following consoles would you use to configure and manage printers in the XenApp environment? (Choose 2) If network latency is within an acceptable threshold, Flash content is rendered on the _____; if network latency is above the threshold, the _____ renders the Flash content. The administration components of the Power and Capacity Management feature must be installed in the following order: You are a XenApp administrator who has to delegate tasks to several Citrix Administrator accounts. This is best done by assigning permissions for select tasks to entire groups of users. Which of these groups are the recommended types to assign permissions? To ensure that appropriate access control can be enforced on all files installed by XenApp, install XenApp only on ______formatted disk partitions Which of these does the Management Pack NOT provide? What is Session Shadowing? Which of the following types of applications may be accessed by users in the XenApp environment? (Choose 2) Scenario: After diligently monitoring the server farm, an administrator decides that she needs a load management strategy that will include defining ranges for the processor, memory, number of concurrent connection attempts and number of transfers of data between physical memory and the page file for every server in the farm. Which of the following strategies should the administrator implement? What is the XenApp data store? (Choose 2)