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Question :-

Remote users connect to XenApp published applications using SSL VPN connections provided by an Access Gateway. These users are reporting that it takes more than one minute to authenticate their Active Directory credentials before displaying the list of applications. The most recent change in the environment was a set of Windows 2003 domain controllers that were retired from production since the company has already implemented new Windows 2008 domain controllers. How can the administrator change the configuration of the secure access to allow faster authentication?
Disable the option on the Access Gateway that processes authentication with a pre-set delay to maximize security.
Modify the time synchronization option of the Access Gateway synchronization to work with the new Windows 2008 domain controllers.
Obtain new licenses since the Access Gateway is NOT licensed properly, and it takes one minute to generate a temporary user license.
Reconfigure the Access Gateway to use the new Windows 2008 domain controllers instead of using the retired Windows 2003 domain controllers as the primary and secondary DNS servers.

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