1Y0-A19 - Citrix XenDesktop 5 Basic Administration

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Example Questions

Which administrative role can manage catalogs and build virtual desktops? An administrator needs to support 2500 target devices from a single Provisioning services host which would be the best configuration to support a single standard-mode vDisk image for all 2500 targets? An administrator configured the automatic disk image update feature, but has since noticed that changes to vDisks are not being replicated automatically. What could be a reason for this behavior? In a Provisioning services environment, what is the default location of the write cache if no location is specified manually? Scenario: A help desk administrator is trying to view the CPU usage on a Windows XP desktop using Desktop Director. The help desk administrator can see the user's session including the online plug-in version and client IP address but cannot see any CPU activity What is the most likely cause for this issue? The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) is not able to register with the Controller. Which two things must be validated to resolve this issue? (Choose two) An administrator using a third-party firewall needs to manually reconfigure the firewall to allow port 3389 in order to permit________ (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) An administrator just completed the initial setup of XenDesktop but needs to go back and change the host details to use HTTPS instead of HTTP for a more secure environment How can the administrator accomplish this task? When installing XenDesktop5 using the Quick Deploy method, ___________ (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) Which set of steps must be completed to configure a target device to start up from a vDisk? An administrator was just told that several new employees will be joining the help desk support department. How can the administrator ensure that the new employees have a desktop? An administrator must configure the Web Interface in order to 3II0W users to access applications, virtual desktops and online content by clicking icons on their desktops or start menus. Which Web Interface site must the administrator configure to meet the requirements of this environment? Which user action is prevented by enabling the client clipboard redirection policy? Scenario: An administrator is planning a XenDesktop production environment that will include Provisioning services. The environment will also have a separate, shared storage location with read write access assigned to the provisioning services host. The Controllers will be limited to 1 GB of RAM to maximize server density. Where should the write cache be located in this environment to protect against the failure of the Provisioning services host? In Desktop Director, which filter shows an administrator the number of end users connected to a certain desktop group within a XenDesktop environment? Which two terns are needed for an administrator to create a catalog for existing machines in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two.) An administrator is configuring a master image and knows that the end users accessing it will need to use WinZip. Which delivery mechanism should the administrator use to deliver WinZip to the users? Scenario: An administrator configured the Client fixed drives policy setting to allow all end users to access or save files to fixed drives on their devices. Users are still unable to map client fixed drives, and they cannot access the fixed drives manually. Users are unable to map and access fixed drives on their user devices because _____ and _____. (Choose the two correct phases to complete the sentence.) Which policy takes precedence when a Citrix policy contradicts an Active Directory GPO policy? An administrator needs to create a Microsoft Windows 7 template for a XenDesktop environment and has already created a virtual machine with Microsoft Windows 7. Which step must the administrator take next before converting the virtual machine to a template? The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) is not able to register with the Controller Which two common troubleshooting steps can resolve this issue? (Choose two) An administrator is planning a XenDestop 5 Quick Deploy to demonstrate superior end user experience. What would be considered when planning the Quick Deploy? Which action must an administrator take before implementing HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection? A user tried to connect to a desktop through the Citrix online plug-in, but the connection was unsuccessful What could be the cause of this issue? Scenario: An administrator just installed Microsoft Windows 7 on a virtual machine. The administrator now needs to build the vDisk image. Which is the correct startup order for creating a template for a streamed catalog? Which HDX MediaStream policy setting must an administrator configure to adjust the quality of Flash content rendered on session hosts? An administrator created a catalog in a XenDesktop environment Which two additions must the administrator make before users can access the machines in the catalog? (Choose two) An administrator is able to monitor data for the Windows 7 machines in an environment but cannot monitor the same information for Windows XP machines. What is missing on the Windows XP machines? Which two steps must an administrator take to integrate a Web Interface site with Access Gateway? (Choose two) Which two tools can an administrator use to modify policy settings in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two.) An administrator needs to ensure that when user desktops are not in use at busy times of the day, they are added back into the idle pool. How should the administrator accomplish this task? Scenario: An administrator created a catalog for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) using Provisioning services. The catalog contains 500 desktop, and a desktop group contains 200 desktops from this catalog. The Power Time Scheme for this desktop group is set to the default Fifty desk any desktops are in the use. How many desktops are in the 'off state? Which three storage types can XenServer use for the virtual machine disks if migrating virtual machines without downtime is required? (Choose three) According to Citrix best practices, which storage type should an administrator use to set up a XenDesktop environment using XenServer? Scenario: All users in the Sales group must be able to save documents created on their virtual desktops to USB devices connected to their local desktops. Some users in the Sales group also belong to the Remote Users group; however, the Remote Users group must not be able to save documents to a local USB device. An administrator created the Sales USB policy, which allows Client USB device redirection for the Sales group, and the Remote Users USB policy, which prohibits Client USB device redirection for the Remote Users group. Which additional step must the administrator take to meet the needs of this scenario? An administrator is not able to create virtual machines using the Machine Creation Services. What is causing this issue? Which three items are needed for an administrator to create a streamed machine catalog for a XenDesktop environment? (Choose three) Scenario: An administrator configured a master virtual machine and created a pooled catalog with a desktop group. The administrator discovered that antivirus software was not installed on the master virtual machine. How would the administrator update the image pool to include antivirus software for the pooled desktops with the least amount of administrative effort? Which two components must an administrator install on a master image that will be used for streamed machines? (Choose two.) Scenario: An administrator is configuring a master image that will be used for pooled desktops. The administrator knows that some end users will need access to Microsoft Outlook Which delivery mechanism should the administrator use to deliver Microsoft Outlook? Which two issues can an administrator use XDPing to resolve? (Choose two.) An administrator needs to verify that Active Directory is configured in a supported format for a XenDesktop implementation Which three Active Directory environments are supported in a XenDesktop implementation? (Choose three) Which administrative role provides the minimum permissions necessary to allow an administrator to monitor a XenDesktop environment? What starting up a Virtual Desktop Agent, the desktop becomes unresponsive in the BIOS with the message, 'Connecting to Provisioning services. Please wait......' What would cause the desktop to delay during the startup process? If an administrator does NOT create a highly available SQL environment for a XenDesktop deployment, what will happen when the database goes down? Scenario: An administrator needs to create a catalog. Provisioning services-based virtual machines will be imported into the catalog. Which machine type must the administrator select when creating the catalog? Under which circumstance should an administrator monitor the Virtual Desktop Agent unregistered session state? When too pieces of information must be supplied to install Proponing series and connect to a SQL Express database? (Choose two.) Which Virtual Desktop Agent session state should an administrator monitor if end users CANNOT access their virtual desktops? Which two stroage technologies could an administrator use to set up a XenDesktop environment using Hyper- V? (Choose two)