1Y0-A16 - Architecting a Citrix Virtualization Solution

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Example Questions

Where should the write cache be placed for the XenAep servers using the Difference Disk Image mode vDisk? Scenario: Users in the Engineering and Marketing departments frequently suffer performance issues when accessing the CAD application and the Marketing design application, which are both resource- intensive applications. Healthy Helping Hands would like to provide the users in both the Engineering and Marketing departments with a better experience when they access these applications. Which XenApp feature can an architect enable to improve the user experience? Scenario: The Healthy Helping Hands CIO is planning to implement a company-wide bring your own computer program. A company survey has identified that many of the users interested in the program plan to bring Macintosh computers. The CIO has determined that user-owned devices will NOT be managed by IT staff, will NOT receive corporate software, and will NOT receive anti-virus protection. User-owned devices should be treated as a security risk, must only communicate with necessary systems, and must NO f have the potential to cause any network downtime. Which network architecture design should the architect implement for this scenario? Why is using two farms the best design for the short-term rollout of XenDesktop? How can the architect ensure that users in the Engineering and Marketing departments have preferential access to CPU resources? Printing security is a key requirement for the Human Resources department of Healthy Helping Hands. Which printing policy setting should be configured to enhance security for the HR department? Why is using Difference Disk Image mode the best solution? Before upgrading or expanding the healthy Helping hands environment, an architect Q wants to be sure that all current applications issues are identified so they can be addressed. Based on the assessement document, which tools would be the best suited to ensure all current issues have been identified before moving forward with the project? (choose two) Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands are looking into making New York and San Francisco their two principal sites, each capable of failing over to the other. This will be one of the major requirements for the Citrix infrastructure design. Which two backend infrastructure components need improvements in disaster recovery support as part of this project? (Choose two) Based on the assessment document, which two actions must the architect take regarding Citrix licensing in order to properly assess the environment? Why should the architect separate the server and desktop components? Based on the assessment of the current Healthy Helping Hands infrastructure, which is the best design option for remote access? Scenario : In order to ensure that additional servers and client desktops can be made Q available as quickly as possible, Healthy Helping Hands is eager to take advantage of the functionnality of Provisioning Services to provide virtual hard drives for virtual servers and workstations. However, one of the main requirenments from Healthy Helping Hands is that virtualized applications should seamlessly failover to the designated backup datacenter when necessary. Waht should an architect suggest for the storage of desktop and server vDisks in order to comply with the company's requirement? Based on the CIO's WAN traffic requirement, users at which two locations would have a single point of failure when attempting to access applications? (Choose two) How should the architect configure the virtual servers on the two appliances? Scenario: Healthy Helping Hands decided to virtualize their server workloads and provide virtual desktops to some of their users. The server workloads include Desktop Delivery Controller, Citrix component servers (Web Interface, License Server). Microsoft SQL Server for databases and the virtual desktops. How should the XenServer resource pools be designed to host all required workloads? The architect discovered two considerations during the assessment that may be addressed by enabling SmartAuditor. What are these two considerations? (Choose two) How should the ICA session policy be configured to support the PositivelyPeople application and security requirements? How should the workloads be distributed within the XenServer resource pool? Scenario: After assessing the Healthy Helping Hands infrastructure, an architect recommends that all desktops be virtualized using a XenServer, XenDesktop and Provisioning Services environment. The architect also recommends purchasing XenDesktop platinum licenses. Which parameter should the architect recommend for monitoring in order to ensure integration with the organization's existing storage solution? Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands are looking at a project to expand and upgrade their Citrix environment to meet their current and future business needs. The main business requirement for this project is to provide secure and reliable access to company-owned applications for all the current and future staff, including contractors around the world. Which two issues present a risk to the project and its deadlines based on the assessment document? (Choose two.) Why should the architect apply the service level policy to the Engineering and Marketing user groups based on the Access Control filter? Healthy Helping Hands is considering using some virtual XenApp servers hosted on XenServer. What would be the best method for provisioning these virtual servers in accordance with best practices for virtualized XenApp Servers? Why should Repeater plug-in be deployed to all the devices in Mexico City? The IT managers at healthy Helping Hands plan to move all application access to Q XenApp and request that all users are able to connect to published resources from their home computers. After reviewing the infrastruture assessment, which risk may result in a user being unable to connect? Where should the local profile be stored? Which three sections should an architect incorporate into the Project Initiation Document (PID) to ensure that the project meets the business and technical requirements of Healthy Helping Hands? (Choose three.) How can the architect ensure that accurate information about the virtual desktop status is available? Scenario: The new Citrix environment for Healthy Helping Hands will deliver many applications to users from a number of different servers or desktops. In order to support this, user profiles need to be flexible as we/I as easily and quickly applied to each user session. Which type of user profile should an architect deploy? Network traffic is expected to double from the manufacturing locations when a new application is added early next year. How should Healthy Helping Hands address this requirement? Scenario : the IT managers at healthy Helping Hands want to develop a new Q virtualized environment based out their San Francisco and New York sites to provide applications to all of their staff. This represents a large increase in the number of servers and users from the current system. Which option represents a technical challenge that needs to be overcome in order to meet this objective? Healthy Helping Hands must ensure accurate monitoring of their XenDestop environment to ensure early warning of virtual desktop problems. Which component of XenDesktop Platinum could the architect use to provide this? Scenario: Several users in the HR user group will be traveling to trade conferences this year to meet industry training requirements and stay current on developing trends in the field While working remotely, these users will need to upload presentations and training material distributed during the conferences onto sponsored USB keys. Based on the analysis document, how can an architect ensure that the current environment allows the HR user group to meet this need? Why is this the best design for the Provisioning Services farm? Scenario: The IT managers at Healthy Helping Hands are updating their environment. Recertify the HR users have been experiencing intermittent outages in remote access to their application. Which solution should be included in the project to address this problem? Following a successful environmental assessment, Healthy Helping Hands has decided to implement XenApp 5, 0 for Windows Server 2008 to support all virtualized applications. How can an architect configure the new server farm so that application requirements and farm redundancy are achieved at the farm level? Healthy Helping Hands has determined that Citrix Repeater will be used for WAN acceleration but can only budget for six appliances at this time. Where should an architect deploy these appliances? Given the three user types in the Healthy Helping Hands environment, task workers, mobile workers, and knowledge workers, which two user groups would be classified as knowledge workers? (Choose two.) Scenario: Architects working with Healthy Helping Hands have decided that a one-size-fits-all virtual desktop solution does not align with the overall goals of simplifying the environment and delivering the necessary applications to employees. After assessing the needs of the manufacturing group, the architect decides that a virtualized desktop solution is most appropriate. Which type of desktop should the architect select when designing the virtual desktop solution for manufacturing employees at Healthy Helping Hands? The architect is deciding how to best delivery the Healthy Helping Hands application suite. Based on the information given in the assessment document, which application should be streamed to desktops rather than publish? Why is this design the best remote access design for the environment? Scenario: The CIO of Healthy Helping Hands has decided to implement virtual desktops as part of the application virtualization solution. The groups identified for desktop virtualization during the initial rollout are Engineers, Marketing, IT and Contractors. The users will be connecting internally, from branch offices, while traveling and when working from home. None of the users identified for the initial rollout currently use Macintosh devices. Based on these requirements, an architect has decided to use Citrix Receiver to distribute the necessary plug-ins. How many Merchandising Servers and Access Gateway appliances are necessary to support this distribution model, and where should they be located? Scenario: Several applications accessed by the Finance and HR departments of Healthy Helping Hands requ application access to be as secure as possible. One of these apportions is the PositivelyPeople application. How can an architect meet the company requirements for secure access to the PositivelyPeople application? Scenario: The CIO at Healthy Helping Hands has decided to implement a new design to incorporate XenApp, XenDesktop, and/or XenServer as appropriate to address present and future application and access requirements, Healthy Helping Hands will initially implement virtualized desktops only for the most appropriate user groups and will plan the migration of all other user groups into virtual desktops at a later date. Based on the applications and user requirements outlined in the assessment document, to which user group should an architect assign a virtual desktop using XenDesktop in the first phase? Which component must an architect use to provide TLS-based encryption between Q the Web Interface server in the DMZ and any internal XenApp or XenDesktop servers in the final design? Healthy Helping Hands is going to use Provisioning Services for the virtual desktop. How should the architect design the Provisioning Services component of the environment? As part of the new design, the Healthy Helping Hands organization wants to implement an additional layer of layer of token-based authentication. Which two vendors could the architect suggest in order to provide “out-of-the-box” support for token-based authentication for Access Gateway? (Choose two) During the data collection and analysis phase of the project architects discovered Q that certain user groups require access to several versions of Internet Explorer. How should the architect design a deployment scenario for older versions of internet explorer that must be maintained indefinitely in the environment? Why should the architect implement two separate master databases, one in New York and one in Hong Kong? Based on these user groups, how many XenDesktop farms should be created and where should they be located?