1Y0-A06 - Implementing Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0

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Example Questions

Scenario: An administrator is creating a vDisk that will be shared among several target devices. However, the administrator wants to ensure that disk I/O and network traffic is kept to a minimum on the Provisioning Server. Which two configurations should the administrator make on the vDisk to meet the needs of the scenario? (Choose two.) Scenario: Several branches of an organization are located throughout North America, each with its own administrator. The farm administrator for Provisioning Server wants to delegate control to each branch location administrator within the organization. How should the farm administrator organize the farm in order to provide each branch office administrator with full administrative privileges within their branch? Scenario: An administrator is preparing to image a Master Target Device. The administrator already set the vDisk to private image mode and configured the target device BIOS to PXE boot. Which two additional steps must the administrator complete before imaging the Master Target Device? (Choose two). Scenario: An administrator is preparing a Master Target Device for imaging. The administrator has installed the following: 1. Windows XP 2. All necessary service pack updates 3. All necessary device drivers Which additional requirement must the administrator set up and configure on the Master Target Device before creating the image? An administrator is upgrading from Provisioning Server 4.x to Provisioning Server 5.0 but no longer has the original hard drive that was used to create the current vDisks. Which vDisk upgrade method should the administrator use to upgrade the vDisks? Scenario: An administrator creates a vDisk and then assigns it to a target device. When PXE booting the target device, the following error message appears: NT boot loader not found What is a possible reason for this error? Scenario: An administrator wants to delegate management of a Provisioning Server farm. The administrator needs to delegate only these specific tasks: 1. Shut down target devices 2. Boot target devices 3. Send messages to target devices Which role should the administrator assign for these tasks? An administrator must ensure that SOAP port __________ is open on the firewall to allow remote Provisioning Server Consoles to communicate with Provisioning Servers within a firewalled network. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) An administrator can add an existing vDisk to the Provisioning Server Console by picking the __________ for the vDisk and selecting the Add existing vDisk option by right-clicking the __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) Which protocol must an administrator manually configure in order for the protocol to deliver the boot file location and file name to a target device? How can an administrator turn on debug logging for a Provisioning Server log file? In which three situations would an administrator need to mount a vDisk? (Choose three.) What must an administrator use to create a vDisk image of a reference target operating system? Scenario: An administrator completed the vDisk creation process as well as the creation of several target devices. The administrator took the necessary steps for Active Directory integration including enabling Active Directory machine account password management for the vDisk and enabling automatic password support for the server. The administrator also made sure that the Master Target Device was added to the correct domain. However, the administrator is unable to log on to the domain from any of the target devices when attempting to stream the vDisk. Which step should the administrator take to troubleshoot this issue? An administrator needs to configure a vDisk store that will contain vDisks that are on a Windows file share. With which account must the Stream Service be configured? Which two actions should an administrator take to configure high availability in a Provisioning Server farm? (Choose two.) In which scenario is it acceptable for an administrator to release a vDisk lock? Which step must an administrator take to allow a target device to make initial log in contact with a recently added Provisioning Server? Scenario: An administrator is planning a Provisioning Server environment for an organization based in the United States. The administrator needs to meet these needs: 1. The five physical office locations need to be kept logically separate within Provisioning Server. 2. Each department needs a unique set of target devices. 3. The vDisks need to be kept in one folder. How should the administrator configure the Provisioning Server environment to meet these needs? Scenario: An administrator has created a dynamic vDisk and assigned it to a target device. When PXE booting the target device, the following error message appears: vDisk is locked Why is the administrator receiving this error message? Scenario: An administrator attempted to integrate Active Directory with a Provisioning Server environment; however, the administrator cannot add a device to Active Directory. What could be causing this issue? Which two types of permissions must an administrator ensure an account has when assigning service account credentials to the Stream Service? (Choose two.) When modifying the cache type for a vDisk, which set of properties should an administrator access? In which two locations of the Provisioning Server Console can an administrator create a vDisk? (Choose two.) Scenario: An administrator built a vDisk image from a Master Target Device that is a member of a Workgroup. The administrator then created 10 target devices and created their machine accounts in Active Directory. These target devices will share the same vDisk. The administrator also enabled Active Directory machine account password management on the vDisk. However, the users are unable to log on to the domain when the vDisk is streamed to the target devices. Which three steps can the administrator complete to correct this issue? (Choose three.) Which two steps must an administrator take to add a new server to a site in a Provisioning Server farm? (Choose two.) An administrator is configuring a store that points to the UNC path of the Windows file share where the vDisks are stored. Which two store types could the administrator be configuring in this scenario? (Choose two.) According to best practices, what should an administrator do prior to installing Provisioning Server? Scenario: An administrator needs to add additional target devices that are on a vLAN network. The administrator plans to use BOOTP to boot these target devices remotely. Which step must the administrator take when creating these additional target devices so that they work correctly? An administrator using a Windows shared-storage location to host a store is creating the service account credentials for the Stream Service. The administrator must ensure that the service account credential is a __________. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) Scenario: An administrator is planning a Provisioning Server 5.0 environment for a worldwide organization; there are four offices on two continents. The administrator intends to set up a different farm for each of the four office locations in North America and Europe. How many databases must the administrator plan for when setting up the Provisioning Server 5.0 environment? Which three scenarios would make it acceptable for an administrator to manually release a vDisk lock? (Choose three.) How can the administrator set the level of diagnostic information collected for a Provisioning Server environment to errors only? An administrator must use the __________ to change previous versions of vDisks to the new Virtual Hard Disk format. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) How can an administrator restart all services for Provisioning Server when attempting to troubleshoot an issue within a Provisioning Server environment? In which scenario would an administrator modify configurations in the Server Properties? Which action allows an administrator to delete an Active Directory computer account using the Provisioning Server Console? For which purpose do target devices use TFTP? An administrator configured a Provisioning Server to associate with Active Directory; however, target devices are not able to log in to an Active Directory domain. Which troubleshooting step should the administrator take? Scenario: In the headquarters of a training delivery organization, multiple training rooms are located in two separate buildings. The organization delivers different training classes each week and needs to provide different base configurations depending on the class content. How can an administrator configure the Provisioning Server farm so that the organization can re-purpose each classroom for a specific class? Which port range must an administrator ensure is open on a firewall to allow communication between Provisioning Servers? Scenario: An administrator is preparing a Provisioning Server environment with a single farm. The administrator plans on delegating responsibility for the servers and vDisks for each department within the organization to a specific administrator. Each department will have their own collection of target devices. How can the farm administrator set up the Provisioning Server environment to delegate responsibility to an administrator for each department? An administrator created a vDisk from a Master Target Device and is in the process of creating several target devices that will use this vDisk. Which boot order option should the administrator select when creating the additional target devices? Scenario: An administrator is in the process of updating a vDisk. The last thing the administrator needs to do is increase the version number of the updated vDisk. Where must the administrator go to increase the version number? When should an administrator consider using a domain account and assigning full rights to the Stream Service account? An administrator can add multiple Provisioning Servers to a bootstrap file manually using the __________ or automatically using the __________. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.) Scenario: An administrator updates a vDisk accessed by users in the Human Resources (HR) department. Now, the administrator needs to shut down only the target devices used by the HR employees in order for the update to take effect. Currently, the HR department's target devices belong to a device collection that is shared by other target devices used in the organization. Which two steps does the administrator need to take to shut down only the HR target devices? (Choose two.) A network environment with Provisioning Server is experiencing latency and connectivity issues due to limited bandwidth. How can an administrator prevent target devices from releasing their licenses because of latency and connectivity issues in the environment? Which step must an administrator take before configuring administrative roles within a Provisioning Server environment? An administrator changed the location of the database in a Provisioning Server environment. In order to re-join the database to an existing Provisioning Server farm, the administrator must specify the __________ in the Configuration Wizard. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)