1Y0-A02 - Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1: Administration

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Example Questions

Which command is a valid XenServer command? How can an administrator capture crash dump files and the network status of a server? Which XenServer component allows flexible pooling of disk devices? Which command can an administrator use to create an ISO image on a Linux system? What is an advantage of application-based virtualization solutions? When installing XenServer Enterprise Edition onto a single disk system, the minimum amount of disk space required is _______GB. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) What is the maximum number of servers supported in a resource pool? What does XenServer Enterprise Edition use to convert storage devices into a storage pool? Scenario: An Administrator has been instructed to manually distribute Virtual Machines (VMs) running on XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1 servers. The administrator needs to configure two additional servers and add the servers to a pool. Before adding the servers to the pool, which two things should the administrator do? (Choose two.) The pool Master failed and the administrator cannot bring it back up. What should the administrator do in order to recover and manage pool tasks? What is an inappropriate method for creating a Virtual Machine (VM) with the XenServer management tools? What are two settings that an administrator would need to configure in order to PXE boot a physical server on which XenServer host will be installed from a network file share? (Choose two.) Which mechanism for changing the physical network IP configuration is supported on a XenServer 4.1 host? By default, MAC addresses assigned to Virtual Machines (VM) virtual network interfaces are __________? (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) Which benefit does the XenServer paravirtualization driver provide? An administrator is configuring a new XenServer implementation and wants to use the Paravirtualized (PV) drivers for Windows virtual machines. What must the administrator install in order to use the PV drivers? An administrator must decide between adding Fibre Channel storage or NFS storage to a XenServer remote storage setup. NFS storage would be a better solution when the administrator needs to _______. What will occur when an administrator inserts the XenCenter installation CD into the CD ROM on a workstation if Auto-play is enabled for the CD drive? An administrator has been asked to convert existing physical installations of supported Linux distributions to virtual machines in order to run in a XenServer environment. Which method can the administrator use to convert the Linux distributions? What is the maximum amount of supported physical memory that XenServer Enterprise Edition 4.1 can use on a physical system? What is the function of full emulation? What does a full template include that a basic template does not? Scenario: A Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition virtual machine (VM) running on a XenServer host with four physical CPUs is consistently reporting high virtual CPU (vCPU) utilization. Currently, the VM is assigned one vCPU. According to Citrix best practices, what is the maximum number of vCPUs that can be assigned to the Windows Server 2003 VM?