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Question :-

Scenario: A breakfast food company has asked you to assess their access strategy. They currently have eight Presentation Servers that are accessed by traveling salespeople and other remote employees through a Secure Gateway server. The Secure Gateway server has not had any unplanned outages, and resource utilization is low. They have two Web Interface servers, one on their internal network to service internal application enumeration requests, and another in the DMZ with Secure Gateway. plans to acquire a new pig farm and hopes to double their business in the next few months. As such, they have requested that you provide recommendations for how they can support this expansion while ensuring that access is always available to their users. In particular, they want company-provided laptops to have access to their environment. What should you recommend to this company?
A second Secure Gateway server should be implemented to ensure redundancy.
Access Gateway Advanced Edition should be deployed in a redundant configuration.
Secure Gateway should be eliminated, and Web Interface should be deployed with certificates installed in a redundant configuration in the DMZ.
Access Gateway Standard should be deployed in a redundant configuration.

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