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Question :-

Scenario: A courier company makes rush deliveries throughout the metropolitan area. Because communication with the drivers is essential, they have implemented a Presentation Server-based solution based on tablet PC devices equipped with wireless WAN cards for providing drivers with information regarding pickups and deliveries. Although the drivers focus mainly within city limits, the wireless WAN connections sometimes fail. To address this situation, has these configurations. All drivers access by means of Secure Gateway and Web Interface. The minimal Presentation Server Web Client has been deployed. Redundant Web Interface and Secure Gateway servers are used. Session reliability timeout has been set to 300 seconds (5 minutes). is buying a competitor and has asked you to assess the scalability of their implementation. They understand that additional servers will be required. What is your assessment regarding driver access?
The full Presentation Server Web Client should be deployed.
The current configuration is scalable.
The timeout for session reliability should be reset back to 180 seconds (3 minutes).
It is not necessary to have redundant Web Interface and Secure Gateway servers.

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