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Question :-

Scenario: engaged your team to assess their Presentation Server environment. They are planning to replace their Secure Gateway server with Access Gateway appliances as a part of the next phase of the project but have asked you to assess their current Web Interface/Secure Gateway deployment now. deployed Secure Gateway and Web Interface on the same server within the DMZ so that managers can track retail sales at each of the 86 store locations from a centralized location. In conversing with the project manager, you learn that they purchased two Access Gateway Standard Edition appliances. Which two options identify the strength and risk for this company? (Choose two.)
Strength: has recognized the single point of failure of a Secure Gateway device; this is why they are upgrading to Access Gateway.
Strength: is upgrading Secure Gateway to Access Gateway, which will provide a hardened Linux-based device that can be placed on the internal network.
Risk: A single point of failure still exists because Web Interface is on a single server.
Risk: Access Gateway Standard Edition does not provide the full functionality of Secure Gateway unless the Advanced Edition is purchased.
Strength: The current environment is based on single points of failure unless the Access Gateway access mechanisms are used.

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