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Scenario: A bank, based in the Southeastern United States, has a very large customer base in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. Two years ago, the bank purchased Citrix products. Recently, they upgraded their Citrix Access Suite environment to Access Suite 4.0. Users in their environment have been using generic application accounts because every time administrators try to assign individual passwords, users complained about having to remember new passwords. As a result, the IT team has no means of tracking who does and who has what permissions to which applications. The IT Manager wants to implement corporate requirements that will ensure the listed options or requirement are met: Users are using personalized passwords Passwords are changed every 45 days Passwords are 8 to 24 characters long Passwords are case sensitive and they most consist of one uppercase letter and a number Based on the bank's requirement and the current setup of this environment, which two actions will you recommend as a means of maximizing security? (Choose two.)
Creation of an account with the same password for each user
Implementation of identification verification questions using Password Manager
Implementation of password policies using Password Manager
Discontinuation of the use of generic accounts

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