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Question :-

Scenario: A new Network Administrator recently deployed Web Interface 4.2 integrated with Secure Gateway to secure access to published applications in his company's Citrix Access Suite 4.0 environment. During the integration, the administrator deployed several server load balancers. These load balancers contain built-in SSL accelerator cards. The environment was setup to ensure redundancy; therefore, multiple Secure Gateway Servers were deployed. The implementation turned out to be a failure. Secure Gateway could not connect to the Presentation Server farm. Based on their current environment, how would you advise the administrator optimize his Secure Gateway and Web Interface implementation?
Implement the firewall(s) to operate in proxy mode.
Implement Secure Gateway with SSL accelerators turned off on the load balancers.
Implement Secure Gateway Proxy to optimize connection.
Implement Secure Gateway inside the internal network.

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