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Question :-

Scenario: currently has no policy in place to deactivate dismissed users accounts. Users in this environment have also maintained the same password for the past three (3) years. has been victimized on numerous occasions by criminals and ex-employees who use their passwords and the passwords of others to steal corporate information and trade it to outsiders. The IT Manager wants to immediately change every user password, implement identity verification questions for password security, enforce the change of passwords every 45 days and allow passwords to be reused once every 36 months. Based on the assessment of the current environment, which two recommendations would you give to as a means of optimizing their Password Manager environment? (Choose two.)
Implement password policies for password expiration settings.
Implement a complex password policy requiring users to use varying characters and numbers.
Implement identity verification questions to ensure password security.
Implement self-service password reset and set it to 45 days.

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