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Question :-

Scenario: asked you to assess their planned Presentation Server printing configuration. They currently have no printing issues; however, they are planning to provide remote access by means of Access Gateway. Thus, users will need to print from home-based computers and other devices, and will have no control over the print devices that are used. To simplify remote access, plans to only allow the Presentation Server Client for Java to be used to access Presentation Server-based applications. By means of a Citrix policy filtered by IP address, they plan to only allow remote users to use the Citrix universal printer driver that works with Presentation Server 4.0. They will not support printers that cannot use this Citrix universal printer driver. What is a strength or risk in 's planned environment?
Strength: Printing will be adequately controlled and supported.
Risk: It is possible that some external users will not be able to print.
Strength: Support requirements are minimized by only allowing the Presentation Server Client for Java.
Risk: This will not function technically as planned.

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