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Question :-

Scenario: A hospital has a Microsoft Access-based Presentation Server farm based on ten servers and five zones, one for each hospital or clinic location. Each hospital-based zone has two servers, one of which serves as the Zone Data Collector. The Default Load Evaluator is applied. The primary application is PatientNote, which is a patient entry database. Some of the PatientNote data can be exported to Microsoft Word, so this application is also installed but not published. The hospital has asked you to assess their current environment and make recommendations based on these issues and plans: 1.They plan on adding three additional hospital-based zones based on six servers. 2.Users in one of the hospital's clinics claim that their connections to PatientNote are intermittently slow and occasionally involuntarily disconnect, most commonly when printing. What are the primary risks to the environment, and what appropriate recommendations can you make?
Primary risks: The hospital bandwidth is insufficient and the Zone Data Collector is over utilized Recommendations: Invoke session reliability and create a new Load Evaluator
Primary risks: Too many zones and the hospital bandwidth is insufficient Recommendations: Collapse the zones and invoke printer bandwidth policy for that site
Primary risks: Too many zones and Microsoft Word cannot be accessed because it is not a published application Recommendations: Collapse the zones and publish Microsoft Word
Primary risks: Access data store and too many zones Recommendations: Migrate data store to an enterprise-grade database and collapse zones

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