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Question :-

Scenario: A pen distributor has asked you to assess their Presentation Server 4.0 environment with special focus on accelerating remote printing. Fifty independent sales agents access their Presentation Servers but has no control over client printers or client devices used for access; however, a Win32 Client is required so that the corresponding Presentation Server Client can automatically be installed by Web Interface. Salespeople need to be able to enter sales orders, view order status and delivery information and print reports. Printing has been configured for the Salespeople user group with these settings: Universal printer driver only Native Driver auto-install is not permitted Auto-create default printer What is your evaluation of how printing has been enabled for this environment?
The current settings are optimal.
All client printers should be auto-created.
Native drivers should be installed for the client printers and configured so that these drivers are used instead of the universal printer driver.
Printer bandwidth should be throttled.

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