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Question :-

Scenario: A hospital has Password Manager 4.1 configured for use with four published applications in its Presentation Server 4.0 farm. As a result of an expansion, which included the acquisition of other hospitals, has added several new applications to enhance the productivity of their employees. The number of applications that require users to authenticate has increased by 100%. These users also have no means of changing/resetting their own passwords. Requirement: The IT Manager wants to meet these requirements: Applications that require authentication should be configured so that users can save their credentials and avoid the extra time spent entering them every time in order to use the same applications. Helpdesk load must be kept at a reduced level by enabling users with capabilities to change their own primary passwords. Users will have to change their passwords every eight weeks. Passwords will have to be a minimum of eight characters and contain at least one numeric character. Based on the current setup of their environment, which three recommendations would you make to the CIO as a better means of optimizing Password Manager? (Choose three.)
Implement Password Manager Account Self-Services to allow users to change their own primary passwords.
Implement a Password Manager policy for applications that require credentials so that users' passwords are stored after they authenticate for the first time.
Implement an Active Directory central store to allow pass-through authentication.
Implement a Password Manager policy in order to ensure that users' passwords are changed according to the requirements.
Implement a Presentation Server policy to allow pass-through authentication to Presentation Server published applications.

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