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Question :-

Scenario: has deployed Citrix Presentation Server for its CRM application at two of its manufacturing facilities in San Francisco and Miami. At each of these two locations, three Citrix Presentation Servers have been deployed because this is where the majority of the users are housed. At the Headquarters site, eight Citrix Presentation Servers have been deployed, along with the back-end databases for the CRM application. Users have been complaining that the CRM application response time is intermittently slow throughout the day. Upon reviewing the WAN link statistics, it appears that the WAN links between the headquarters location and each of the manufacturing facilities are only used at a rate of approximately 60% utilized throughout the day. Usage typically jumps to 70-80% during the first business hour when users are accessing work orders and placing supply orders. Based on this information, what should you recommend to this company?
All of the Citrix Presentation Servers should be moved to the headquarters location.
A centralized data center geographically equidistant from headquarters, San Francisco and Miami should be created to house all of the databases and Citrix Presentation Servers.
Replicated copies of the back-end databases should be placed at the two manufacturing facilities.
Additional bandwidth should be leased or Quality of Service should be implemented.

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