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Question :-

Scenario: An enterprise company asked you to assess their Presentation Server 4.0 environment. The current server farm consisting of eight servers is based on three load managed groups. This configuration was originally deployed because previous versions of Presentation Server could not address application conflicts, and these servers had been upgraded in place. Users report that when they open multiple published applications, each new session goes through a lengthy logon process. The administrator would like to speed up the logon process so that initial and subsequent application launches are minimal. To address this, the administrator plans to: Based on successful testing, deploy all applications on all servers. Application isolation would be used if required. Undertake a review of the current logon process, including logon scripts, location of domain controllers, and other components that influence logon time What is your assessment of this plan?
Deploying the applications into the current load managed groups should be maintained.
Deploying only some applications into isolation environments would present an inconsistent interface to users.
Deploying all applications into isolation environments ensures that the user experience is maximized.
Deploying all applications on all servers enables session sharing to be used.

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