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Question :-

Scenario: A mining company has engaged your team to assess their Citrix Presentation Server printing environment, which users access from their Win32 based client devices. Several weeks ago, the Citrix Administrator realized that users were installing native drivers and that there were now almost 200 drivers installed on the various servers in the farm. Based on testing done on the various client device types supported, it is apparent that the universal printer driver will address all of the supported printers within the environment. Thus, in order to address this situation, the administrator has made plans to: Invoke a Citrix policy that would only allow the Universal Printer Driver to be used by all clients Delete all of the native drivers from each server The administrator has asked you to assess this plan. What is your assessment?
Although it is a best practice to do so, it is not necessary to delete all of the native drivers from each server because this has no impact on Presentation Server functionality.
In light of the testing that was performed, this plan seems adequate.
The test results should be reviewed to ensure that all of the Presentation Server Clients in use were represented.
This plan will not address the requirements.

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