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Question :-

Scenario: asked you to assess their Presentation Server 4.0 environment paying specific attention to their network configuration because some users have reported that their applications usually freeze and then disconnect. This is most commonly reported by users accessing over WinCE/PocketPC-based wireless WAN connections using the WinCE/Pocket PC Client, which do not require printing or the use of any other virtual channels. In reviewing their environment, you see that no customizations other than the Citrix License Server location have been made to the farm properties. By means of Citrix policies, all virtual channels have been disabled for this user group. What additional recommendation should you make?
The Presentation Server Client for Java should be used instead of the WinCE/Pocket PC Client.
Workspace control should be enabled.
Session reliability timeout should be extended.
SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration should be enabled so that it is automatically used if less bandwidth is available.

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