1Y0-610 - Core Technologies and Architectures

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Example Questions

You are deploying the Program Neighborhood client to users located outside of a firewall. You have decided to make use of TCP + HTTP communication for application enumeration using as little client-side configuration as possible. Which of the following items must be configured for this communication to work? (Choose three.) What is the default priority for the printer mapping channel? Which of the following methods can be used to synchronize the Local Host Cache with the Microsoft SQL data store? (Choose two.) You are the MetaFrame administrator of a construction company. The company is shifting to a server-based computing environment to deploy office productivity applications. Users must be allowed to personalize their environment and print to their default printer. Each user will be assigned a home directory to store working files. As a second requirement, you wish to streamline the logon process so that logon time is decreased. Which of the following should you consider to speed the logon process? (Choose two.) An NFuse Elite server farm consists of 4 primary architecture components. These are: You create a new ICA Virtual Channel that requires additional parameters to execute. Where are the parameters stored for use? Which one of the following Terminal Services Kernel Mode components is responsible for transferring remote keystrokes and mouse movements to the Windows kernel? NFuse Classic and the ICA client device pass the following types of information: (Choose two) MetaFrame XP requires that replicated databases use the two-phase commit model. What is the reason for this requirement? How often does the WinStation driver run? Due to security concerns you are asked to modify the XML port on which the MetaFrame servers listen from port 80 to port 8080. You make the modification on all the MetaFrame servers by running the following command: ctxxmlss.exe /R:8080. However, users accessing the MetaFrame environment though the NFuse web site report that their applications are not being listed after they enter their credentials. What do you need to do to correct the problem? Which of the following activities occurs when IMA service stops on the server hosting the data store? (Choose two.) The _____ awaits incoming connection requests and forwards them to a newly created _____. Why does the Winlogon process not completely initialize within an idle session? You have a 23 server MetaFrame XP farm. The data store was functioning well within normal parameters. Yesterday, you added an additional 30 servers to the farm, and now the data store CPU consistently exceed normal utilization. The number of concurrent user connections has not changed. Which of the following will be the best course of action to resolve this issue? You are the MetaFrame administrator for a graphics design company that has purchased new printers that require a resolution of 600 dpi. The new printers will be connected directly to the LPT port on the users' workstations, which consist of Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 desktop computers. Users accessing the MetaFrame environment from Windows 98 and Windows 2000 workstations report that the new printers are auto created successfully. However, users connecting from Windows 95 clients report that the printers are not available through their MetaFrame sessions. Users from all workstation platforms are able to print to the printer from applications running locally. Which of the following tasks should you perform to resolve this issue? (Choose two.) Your user environment is a call center where approximately 100 users log on to the MetaFrame server farm within a very short time period. Which of the following is a suitable way to facilitate these logons? Which one of the following is the "shadow key," where HKEY_CURRENT_USER changes are stored during application installation? For which of the following is the Winstation driver directly responsible? The Program Neighborhood Agent uses configuration at start up supplied by which of the following? If a client device with an older operating system cannot support and run a compatible web browser, application access through Nfuse Classic can still be provided by: You have designed a MetaFrame XP farm that spans North America and Europe over a WAN circuit that is heavily utilized with TCP traffic other than MetaFrame traffic. Which of the following is best used to reduce the frequency of MetaFrame information transferred across the network? You are the administrator of a MetaFrame XP environment. Users connect to the farm from Windows CE client devices with a printer connected to the serial (COM) port. On each Windows CE device you configure the printer by assigning it a name and specifying the print driver for the printer. You also identify the printer as the 'Default' on each client device. What should you do to ensure that users are able to print to the serial printers? Which of the following statements concerning indirect and direct data store access modes is correct? Which of the following events are tracked in the dynamic store? (Choose three.) Which information is NOT available to the Citrix MIB? Which statement best describes the shadow key? After logon using a WIN32 ICA Client the MetaFrame server requests what executable to query the client local print devices? You are the administrator of a MetaFrame farm that consists of Windows NT TSE and Windows 2000 servers. All users of the environment need access to applications that are running on both server platforms. Printer auto-creation is enabled to allow users to print to locally attached printers. However, users report that they are unable to print from applications running on the Windows NT TSE servers to a particular printer, which is available when they run applications from any Windows 2000 server. What needs to be completed before users will be able to print from any server in the farm? (Choose three.) ICA protocol is broken down into virtual channels and then assigned priority to manage the transmission of data based on importance. What priority has been assigned to the ICA Printing virtual channel? Company ABC has a ten-server farm which uses an Access data store and two physical locations with MetaFrame servers. Site A is located in Florida and houses eight MetaFrame servers. Site B is in New York and houses two MetaFrame servers. Site connectivity is unreliable, and independent access to site-specific MetaFrame servers is necessary. Which architecture would you recommend for this environment? How often are metrics which are being monitored polled for their value? When designing a large enterprise MetaFrame farm that will support 5000 users, which database access configurations are recommended for the data store? (Choose two.) By which means does the Program Neighborhood Subsystem use to communicate with the Local Host Cache? Which of the following executables will be found in each terminal server session? (Choose two.) Which is one benefit of memory-based code sharing? Which of the following have only a single instance running on a terminal server? (Choose two.) During production support, what kind of information would the SNMP Management Console help you trap? (Choose three.) You have been contracted to design a global MetaFrame XP server farm. This farm will consist of 2 primary data center locations, 1 in New York, the other in Brussels. New York and Brussels are connected by a T1. New York services 6 regional sites (Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta and Indianapolis). Brussels services 5 regional sites (London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Frankfurt). All regional U.S. sites are connected via 512k frame relay. All European regional sites are connected via 128k frame relay. All regional sites average 75 users per site. New York and Brussels have 100 users at their offices. The requirements of the design are a single global farm that is highly available, can load manage between New York and Brussels for business continuity, and must provide maximum response times for server startup and end user access. Based on this environment and the requirements, which design would you implement? Which of the following virtual channels is responsible for auto-client printers? When executed, the Program Neighborhood Agent uses configuration parameters supplied by which of the following? Your customer has asked you to assist with minimizing the user logon time to the MetaFrame servers. The environment consists of Windows 2000 and Windows XP client devices only. You review Terminal Service Licensing to ensure that it has been configured correctly. Which of the following is most likely to cause a logon delay? You have one application that is very processor intensive and requires high availability. Which of the following should you consider implementing in your environment? (Choose two.) Your customer initially purchased MetaFrame XPa because only Load Manager capabilities were required. However, once you've demonstrated the benefits of Resource Manager and Installation Manager, these capabilities are now viewed as requirements. What is the best way to upgrade from MetaFrame XPa to XPe? (Choose two.) You are the MetaFrame administrator of your company. Within the MetaFrame environment, you host two load managed groups (LMGs). The office productivity LMG is currently composed of five MetaFrame servers while the customer relationship management (CRM) LMG is composed of four MetaFrame Servers. You intend to configure the environment to give secure Microsoft Outlook access to your mobile workforce. All users access the network through a single Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall. You decide to use Citrix NFuse Classic and Citrix Secure Gateway to provide encrypted access across port 443. Select which servers must be configured in the Network Address Translation table. Assume that the secure ticketing authority (STA) is configured on its own server. You have separate locations in your environment. Each location is configured with the same load managed groups. What can you do to ensure that users can see and access applications only in their specific location? (Choose two.) Which of the following is an activity that WFSHELL.EXE is responsible for performing? Which machine is responsible for communication with the Summary Database? You are currently migrating from a MetaFrame 1.8 environment to MetaFrame XP. You have decided to maintain two separate MetaFrame environments during the migration period. However, you would like your users to be able to access both environments seamlessly. Which option allows you to meet these requirements? You are implementing a MetaFrame XP farm and plan to use a N+1 configuration when allocating servers. You will have three load managed groups: LMG 1, LMG 2, and LMG 3. Scalability testing shows that LMG 1 can host 30 users per server, LMG 2 can host 45 users per server, and LMG 3 can host 20 users per server. You plan to have 90 concurrent users accessing each LMG. How many servers should you allocate for your MetaFrame farm?