1Y0-306 - Citrix Access Gateway 4.2 with Advanced Access Control:Admin

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Example Questions

Which type of IP addressing is needed to enable internal and external connection to the Access Gateway appliance? From which node in the Access Suite Console can an administrator configure event logging? Which two statements are true of adding an Access Gateway appliance to an Advanced Access Control deployment? (Choose two.) Which two clients can be used to access published applications on Citrix Presentation Servers? (Choose two.) Scenario: Tim, a member of the Sales and Marketing groups, calls the Help Desk to report difficulties accessing email when connecting to the corporate Advanced Access Control access server farm. Using the Policy Overview Tool you notice that the web-based email resource belongs to multiple policies which have different access rights to the resource. The environment has these policy configurations: In Policy A, web-based email is set to "Not Configured" for all authenticated users. In Policy B, web-based email is set to "Allow" for the Marketing Group and the Sales Group. In Policy C, web-based email is set to "Deny" for the Marketing Group. Based on the listed policy configurations, which statement accurately describes the outcome of the policies? Scenario: To ensure that a service pack level scan is run whenever Windows XP or 98 operating system is encountered, which configuration is required? Scenario: Advanced Access Control is configured to use LDAP for primary authentication and authorization. An administrator needs to enable pass-through authentication in order for Active Directory credentials to be passed automatically to applications. What is the administrator required to do to meet the requirements of this scenario? In an environment that restricts client device access to resources based upon the presence of a specific version of an antivirus software, which step must be completed for a continuous process scan? An administrator wants to grant internal users access to resources in an access server farm. Which two things should be provided to the users to ensure that they have access to published resources? (Choose two.) Scenario: An environment requires that client devices accessing resources through the Access Gateway have a specific antivirus software installed. In addition, all client devices must have a valid SSL certificate installed. Which detail must be included when configuring a filter to meet the SSL certificate requirement? Scenario: Ken configured an Exchange Server and Outlook clients for email synchronization. Client devices are using Microsoft Outlook 2000 and running on Windows XP operating systems. The Secure Access Client is installed on all client devices. What are two requirements to perform the configurations required for this scenario? (Choose two.) Which server role must be selected for Advanced Access Control servers that will process CDAs? Scenario: An administrator wants to perform additional analysis in the Event Log Consolidator on aggregated data collected from multiple Advanced Access Control servers in the farm. In which three ways can this be done? (Choose three.) What is required to administer an access server farm using the Access Suite Console? Which two syntaxes can be used when entering the administrator's credentials into the "Administrator Bind DN" field to configure LDAP authentication against Active Directory? (Choose two.) An administrator wants to ensure that all clients have anti-virus signatures that are no more than three days old. How can this be accomplished? In order to import a scan package into a different scan group than that which it was originally a part of, an administrator must __________. (Complete the sentence with an option from the list.) Scenario: You just added a new server to the access server farm however it is not displaying in the Access Suite Console. Which two steps can you take to display this server in the Access Suite Console? (Choose two.) Which policy setting should be enabled if an administrator wants users to be able to open documents with a published application? Scenario: An administrator wants to provide access to intranet site from the access server farm. The home page for the intranet site includes several links to external web pages. The administrator wants to ensure that all links can be accessed through this resource. How can this be configured? How can an administrator control whether users are allowed or denied logon privileges through policies? What does a port of zero (0) mean when defining a network resource? Which connection setting should be configured in a connection policy if a connection will be made using the Secure Access Client? Which statement regarding the rules for configuring a connection policy is true? When a logon point is renamed just after it is deployed, __________. (Fill in the blank with a listed option.) When implementing Advanced Access Control in an environment in which users will access resources through a VPN tunnel created by an Access Gateway appliance, which client must be used? While configuring a web email resource, what must an administrator do to ensure that users can email attachments from the web resource? In which two ways can an accessible network be specified for an Access Gateway appliance? (Choose two.) In which location must the Advanced Access Control Software be installed? Which connection settings should be configured if the user is required to re-authenticate after their system goes into hibernation? Along with Active Directory, which other two authentications could be implemented in order to provide Advanced Authentication? (Choose two.) Which data included in each event included in the event log consolidator correlates with the error message that an end-user reports? To use tokens while defining a file share for an access server farm __________. (Choose the option which best completes the sentence.) In an environment where there are multiple logon points and an endpoint analysis scan that requires a specific browser version, which logical operators should be used to so that users who access from specific logon points are also scanned to ensure that they meet the browser version requirements for the implementation? (Choose the string that matches the need for this environment.) Scenario: 's Contractors Acitve Directory group is allowed to launch Outlook and SAP only when using a corporate-supplied laptop. The same users are allowed to view Office and Adobe Reader applications regardless of the accessing device. Which type of scan can the administrator perform to ensure that the requirements for this scenario are met? Scenario: An administrator is implementing Access Gateway with Advanced Access Control for use in his environment. The implementation will be used primarily for mobile workers who may access resources from diverse client devices, which may be locked down and may not allow files such as client software to be downloaded. For this environment, which type of access should be given to the clients? Why would an administrator need to setup a network resource? Scenario: An administrator gives a user the URL https://Accounting1.net/CitrixLogonPoint/AccountAccess to access a logon page. "Accounting1.net" is the FQDN of the Advanced Access Control server hosting the logon point and "AccountAccess" is the name of the logon point. From the URL given to the user, which access method will be used to obtain resources from the access server farm? Which two steps must an administrator take to remove an Access Gateway appliance server from an Advanced Access Control deployment? (Choose two.) Where does an administrator configure the conditions that users must meet to be able to see the logon page? Scenario: An administrator wants to make documents from a defined file share open from a Citrix Presentation Server session. Which policy setting should be enabled for this purpose? Which rule must be followed when attempting to change the service account for an access server farm in which the credentials have been compromised? What are two requirements for enabling access to file share resources from the default navigation page (Access Navigator)? (Choose two.) An administrator is creating logon points and needs to configure the session settings. What is true about the configuration of session settings for logon points? Which three can directly reference scan outputs? (Choose three.) Which three options are available to deploy the Endpoint Analysis Client? (Choose three.) Where can an administrator configure the endpoint analysis scan for an operating system? An administrator needs to make a change to the default logon point settings for an Advanced Access Control implementation. Where can the administrator locate the default logon point? Scenario: An administrator is required to create a scan that will scan client devices to ensure that all clients running Windows XP Professional also have service pack 1(SP1) installed and running. All users in the environment are required to have a specific version of an antivirus software running on their systems. Due to the addition of a newly acquired office, the scan requirements have to be modified. Newly acquired remote offices, which will obtain access to company resources through Access Gateway, have client devices that run on Windows 98 and are not required to submit to the same scans that are required of the other users. By configuring rules for the end point analysis scan, the administrator can ensure that only the devices in the new offices will not be required to meet the same security requirements that are required for the other corporate users. Which condition type should be added to the rules for the scan to ensure that the requirements for the scenario are met? Scenario: An administrator is required to configure the setting that determines whether users can reconnect to both active and disconnected sessions or only to disconnected sessions while creating a logon point. Which option should the administrator enable?