1Y0-300 - Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions

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Example Questions

Scenario: CCH has an Active Directory forest with three geographically-assigned domain locations under the parent domain, which is called CCH.com. CCH recently acquired another medical company that has its own Active Directory structure. A Citrix Engineer is asked to deploy virtual desktops to the newly acquired company. The engineer should deploy virtual desktops to users in the newly acquired company by using a __________ trust relationship. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) [OK] Which two security recommendations should a Citrix Engineer consider when creating roaming profile shares for users? (Choose two.) HTTPS is used in a StoreFront deployment when _________ and __________ are required. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the Universal Print Server functionality. Which policy should the Citrix Engineer configure to use the Universal Print Server for this environment? A Citrix Engineer installed a new Delivery Controller on and is unsure if the appropriate port is open. Which command allows the engineer to quickly identify whether the proper port is open? Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is required to configure remote access through NetScaler to a Citrix StoreFront deployment for mobile device users. The engineer needs to ensure that the version of Citrix Receiver running on the endpoint is compatible with the native Citrix StoreFront services interface. The engineer should use the REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent __________ CitrixReceiver && REQ.HTTP.HEADER X-Citrix-Gateway __________ session policy expression to ensure that the correct session profile is used. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) Scenario: CCH plans to deploy Citrix Universal Printers to address recent Help Desk calls related to printer auto-creation. A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy Citrix Universal Printers while retaining client printing functionality. Which two actions should the engineer perform? (Choose two.) A Citrix Engineer must configure __________ and __________ policy settings in Group Policy Object. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) A Citrix Engineer needs to implement RADIUS as a secondary authentication method for remote access users connecting through NetScaler. Which two steps should the engineer take to ensure correct functionality? (Choose two.) Scenario: Specia⹬ists at 湃斆H are reₕ抈斛₆撝n玟 扴h敡v X-óÞþ images are NOT displaÇin¿ Ü© xpÓÒteX Ü ›mÿ₸¿ⁱ⁵a൒玞畫 灌漞a瑮⃈憩畐璓梪t渮 楈D慘瓹椯澭⁩憞溗擑⁥淞痞玉瓣 configured with default values. 慗h斡看感s⹨₦喷猟旱犧珡°獃栮濣rix Engineer do to make sure X-ray images are displayed with the best possible quality? What should a Citrix Engineer implement to allow users with pooled desktops to maintain persistent configurations, such as installation of new applications in their desktops? Scenario: The emergency response staff travel to different hospitals and can connect to their hosted applications from their main office location. Several of the emergency response staff are also supervisors, and are members of both the Emergency Response Staff Active Directory group and the Emergency Response Staff Supervisors Active Directory group. A Citrix Engineer views the relevant policies currently configured in Citrix Studio, which are ordered and filtered as follows. Policy A (priority 1) Client Printer Redirection: Allowed. Auto-create the client's default printer only: Allowed. Filtered on Emergency Response Staff Policy B (priority 2) Do not auto-create client printers: Allowed. Filtered on Domain Users Policy C (priority 3) Client Printer Redirection: Allowed. Auto-create all client printers automatically: Allowed. Filtered on Emergency Response Staff Supervisors The emergency response staff supervisors require that all of their printers be mapped for their session; however, the other response staff only need their default printer mapped. The filter groups will remain the same. How should the engineer prioritize the policies? (The policies below are listed in order of priority from highest (left) to lowest (right).) [?] A Citrix Engineer at CCH needs to give an administrator located in another office the ability to manage policies and applications. Which administrative role should be granted to the administrator? Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy NetScaler to an existing Citrix StoreFront environment to provide virtual desktop access to the branch office users. Active Directory, along with RSA tokens, will be used for authentication on the NetScaler. Which two authentication servers should the engineer configure on the NetScaler? (Choose two.) Scenario: A hosted application reverts to the default settings every time users log off. The application writes configuration data to C:\myapp\data\settings.ini file. What should a Citrix Engineer create to ensure the user settings are saved? A Citrix Engineer needs to migrate virtual machines from Machine Creation Services to Provisioning Services. What should the engineer do before installing the Provisioning Services Target Device software on the master image? When testing SQL Server resiliency in a SQL cluster, which two actions will trigger a failover event? (Choose two.) Users who are testing the hosted shared desktop at CCH report that logon time is unacceptably slow. Which three best practices should a Citrix Engineer implement to optimize the logon time for the hosted shared desktops? (Choose three.) Which two steps should a Citrix Engineer perform to conduct a database failover test? (Choose two.) Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy XenDesktop to deliver a pool of 100 virtual desktops to users. The engineer needs to maintain a single shared image for all 100 virtual desktops. The engineer also needs to ensure that users assigned to these pooled desktops have the capability to customize their desktops and to install applications permanently. Additionally, the storage platform does NOT have thin-provisioning capabilities. Which two technologies should the engineer implement to meet the above requirements? (Choose two.) Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to implement HDX Flash Redirection for virtual desktops in a XenDesktop environment. HDX Flash policies are configured to use both client-side rendering and client-side content fetching. The engineer tests the Flash redirection functionality by viewing an online Flash video on the virtual desktop and checking the results in Citrix Director. Citrix Director displays that client-side rendering is being used with server-side content fetching. What does the engineer need to do to make sure both rendering and content fetching are completed on the client? A Citrix Engineer needs to configure Citrix StoreFront load balancing on NetScaler and forward the Receiver system IP address. What should the engineer type into the Client IP Header field on the service group Advanced tab to accomplish this task? Using Citrix Studio, which two pieces of information are required to connect a Delivery Controller to a hosting infrastructure? (Choose two.) A Citrix Engineer needs to provide users on the internal corporate network with access to virtual desktops through Citrix StoreFront. What must the engineer specify in the configuration settings of the store to meet the requirements stated above? A Citrix Engineer should implement two SQL Servers in a XenDesktop deployment when __________ or __________ are required. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) A Citrix Engineer at CCH needs to use Universal Print Server to simplify printer driver management in a XenDesktop environment. Which policy should the engineer configure to implement Universal Print Server? When using diskless VM with Provisioning Services, which two steps does a Citrix Engineer need to perform for Active Directory Domain Management? (Choose two.) How should a Citrix Engineer use Citrix Director to view current and historical logon times for an individual client? Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to implement Provisioning Services to support multiple streaming NICs for redundancy. After completing the Provisioning Services Configuration Wizard, the engineer notices that only one of the configured NICs is streaming vDisks. The engineer has verified that the backend network topology is functioning correctly and that the issue resides on the server configuration. Which Provisioning Services networking consideration did the engineer fail to follow? Which two components that are beneficial to larger XenDesktop deployments are now automatically configured within XenServer 6.2? (Choose two.) Scenario: A Citrix Engineer must use Provisioning Services to provision 50 desktop OS machines. The engineer has installed and configured two Provisioning Services servers to guarantee high availability and now needs to configure the write cache location of the virtual desktops so that failover is possible in case one of the Provisioning Services servers fails. Which three write cache locations could the engineer choose? (Choose three.) Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy static desktops with Personal vDisk for the head office staff. The engineer implements a catalog named Windows8-PvD with Personal vDisk enabled and uses Citrix Roaming Profile Management to save user profile settings. The engineer needs to configure Personal vDisk to NOT store user profile settings. Additionally, Personal vDisk must be configured so that 80% is allocated for applications and 20% is allocated for user profile data. Which two steps must the engineer take to implement this solution? (Choose two.) Which step must a Citrix Engineer take to create an isolated network that only allows communication within one XenServer instance? A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy static machines with Personal vDisk to some users in the head office at CCH. Which desktop delivery model should the engineer select? To reuse a previously assigned Remote PC Access system, which command will remove the assigned user from the Virtual Delivery Agent? Scenario: The Citrix StoreFront Receiver for Web is configured at URL https://vm020201.company.com. To make the URL easier to remember, the Citrix Engineer wants to make the Site internally accessible at https://myapps. Which action could the engineer take to achieve this? Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to ensure that user start menus are being processed by Citrix Profile Management in their hosted shared desktops. No exclusions have been added to the Citrix Profile Management configuration to exclude the Start menu but the menus are NOT being stored by Citrix Profile Management. Which change should the engineer make to the configuration to ensure that the Start menu is saved? A Citrix Engineer must ensure that specific desktops and applications are only accessible through NetScaler. Where should the engineer define the access policies for the application? A Citrix Engineer needs to configure a XenDesktop Site; however, the engineer does NOT have permissions to access the SQL Server and the SQL database. What should the engineer do to configure the new Site? Which two security recommendations should a Citrix Engineer consider when creating roaming profile shares for users? (Choose two.) [OK] A Citrix Engineer tests access to applications through Citrix StoreFront. The engineer attempts to launch an application, but receives an error message that states: Error could not connect to application. The engineer troubleshoots the issue by disabling Session Reliability, but then receives this error: SSL Error 38: The proxy denied access to ;10;STA5DB2A2950063;AAF3E3D7CDED5AA1476364F7BF0F5858 port 1494 STA5DB2A2950063 STA5DB2A2950063 Why is the engineer receiving this error? Scenario: A Citrix Engineer installs Receiver on the virtual desktops by using the command line /includeSSON. Additionally, the engineer enables the Citrix StoreFront store for pass-through authentication. However, when testing the experience, the engineer is still prompted to log on to Receiver. Which step should the engineer have taken to activate single sign-on? Scenario: A Citrix Engineer executes the command below to configure the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) for Remote PC Access: XenDesktopVdaSetup.exe /quiet /components vda,plugins /controllers "XD-Controller01" /enable_hdx_ports /enable_real_time_transport /noreboot What should the engineer do after the VDA installation is complete to ensure the target device registers with a Delivery Controller in the environment? Which three pieces of information are passed on from the pool master to the XenServer host joining the pool? (Choose three.) A Citrix Engineer set up RSA SecureID, and needs to deploy two-factor authentication with Citrix StoreFront and NetScaler to deliver virtual desktops securely to the users. Which logon type should the engineer configure to implement this solution? A Citrix Engineer needs to grant Help Desk staff access to install software in master images but does NOT want to grant them Full administrative rights. Which built-in administrative role should the engineer assign to the Help Desk staff? Scenario: A Citr⹩x Engine湥斷 needs t₊拇斊₝撚f玑g扵r敥"a däÛîcated NIC bond for stoÌag½ ɨafiՑtoaÔYºFŒðì⁨⁡r⁥ക珊畆h灚潊e瑮⃋憰畑璟梡r渠c楲e慡璭椺澦Á⁴憕溛撔⁘涷痼珛瓤ond and a network named Dedicated-慳t斯眍慞g⹥⃤喬猖旡狰珯â獫桩侾What are the next two actions that the engineer should perform? (Choose two.) A Citrix Engineer needs to use high availability for a Citrix StoreFront deployment. Using high availability will enable the engineer to use the ________ and ________ features. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.) A Citrix Engineer needs to finish the Citrix StoreFront deployment for CCH and configure DNS to support email-based auto discovery. Which type of DNS record should the engineer create? Scenario: The management staff at CCH require dedicated desktops, which they must be able to customize. Additionally, the emergency response staff require access to hosted applications, which will run from shared servers. How should a Citrix Engineer configure the catalog(s) and Delivery Group(s)?