1Y0-264 - Citrix Presentation Server 4.5

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Example Questions

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure the SNMP community and designate management consoles to prevent unauthorized access. The administrator decides to block incoming SNMP traffic from the Internet by using a firewall. Which pair of UDP ports should the administrator configure on the firewall to block incoming SNMP traffic? An administrator received phone calls from users who are unable to bypass authentication when they log onto their disconnected sessions. What is the reason for this issue? When configuring a Microsoft SQL replicated environment in an existing farm, which command does an administrator need to run? Scenario: An administrator receives a call from a user who received an error message that states, "The system could not log you on" when the user is attempting to log on from a remote location. There have been no reports of network issues and no other users have reported issues logging on. After confirming that the user is using the correct credentials, the administrator proceeds with determining the cause of the issue. Which three steps must the administrator complete to determine if the issue is caused by the client? (Choose three.) An administrator receives an error message from the Service Control Manager that the IMA Service could not be started when the service actually started. Which option would explain the error message in this scenario? Scenario: An administrator is planning to deliver a new application in an environment. To avoid installing the application on each workstation, management has decided to deliver the application using Presentation Server. The organization has 200 employees and all employees will need to access the application at any given time, so 200 application licenses have been purchased. How should the administrator publish the application to ensure licensing compliance? Employees at a company use published AutoCAD applications frequently and are noticing that the applications are much slower than normal. Which SpeedScreen capability can the administrator enable to improve the performance of the AutoCAD applications? A certain print driver is causing the CPSVC.EXE to crash. Which action can the administrator take to allow the use of this print device? How can an administrator remove a server in a Presentation Server farm from the load balance table after an IMA Service failure? An administrator opens the Access Management Console and sees an alert named Server metric alert. What could cause this alert? Scenario: Users are unable to log on to their desktops in a Presentation Server farm. The users all receive a message that states: "You do not have access to logon to this session." How can the administrator troubleshoot this issue? Without memory optimization enabled, what happens when a collision occurs and the .DLLs for the application are relocated to an available base memory address? When restoring a backup of a Microsoft SQL data store database, what is the LAST thing that needs to be done to complete the restoration sequence? Scenario: An administrator configures a print job routing policy for LAN users to always connect indirectly to a client network printer. After this configuration is done, users experience printing delays. What should be done to resolve this issue? Scenario: An administrator changed the port number in the license file and when attempting to run the LMREREAD command the following error message appeared on the License Server: "[Detecting lmgrd processess...] lmreread failed: Cannot connect to license server (-15, 10:10061 "WinSock: Connection refused")" Why would the administrator receive this error? Scenario: A group of employees from a newly acquired software company will be accessing the Presentation Server farms through Web Interface. Due to issues with multiple development farms in existence prior to the acquisition, the administrator managing the Presentation Server environment wants to limit user access to only trusted servers running Presentation Server. How should the administrator implement this functionality? Scenario: An administrator recently created new firewall rules between data centers and decides to check all traffic in a Presentation Server environment to ensure it is flowing correctly. However, the administrator realizes that the Access Management Console is not showing the new configurations. A likely cause of this issue is that TCP port __________ has been closed. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) Scenario: Group A has been given access to all published applications in a Presentation Server environment. However, an administrator is notified that certain users within Group A do not have access to the published applications. Which report should the administrator run to verify which users in Group A have access to the published applications? Scenario: A large organization with limited bandwidth is streaming media in a Presentation Server environment. However, when users play multimedia content in simultaneous sessions, performance is drastically lowered because of the large size of the media files. Which SpeedScreen capability can an administrator configure to optimize this scenario? A Presentation Server environment contains Windows client devices using versions 9.0 and 10.1 of the Presentation Server client. What should an administrator use to configure client connection behavior for all clients connecting to the Presentation Server farm? Scenario: An administrator needs to enable optimization features that will disconnect a user's session after it has been interrupted for a specific amount of time, as well as force the user to reauthenticate to that disconnected session when it tries to reconnect. Which two optimization features does the administrator need to configure to meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose two.) An IT Manager needs to ensure that all changes made by administrators in a Presentation Server environment are tracked. Which tool should the IT Manager use to track these changes? Scenario: An administrator recently installed Presentation Server 4.5 in an environment. The administrator opens the Access Management Console and sees an alert named Summary database import. Which two steps should the administrator perform to correct the issue that caused this alert? (Choose two.) Which optimization feature can be used to periodically determine whether the client session is still active or if it has been disconnected from the server? If, after enabling memory optimization management and running scheduled memory optimization, a published application fails, an administrator should __________. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) Scenario: An administrator receives a number of service requests from users attempting to connect to a Presentation Server farm using Program Neighborhood Agent. The administrator suspects policies might be causing the issue and needs to determine if an unexpected policy result is due to Windows Group Policy settings or to Citrix Policy settings. To troubleshoot the issue in this scenario, the administrator should connect from a client device to the servers running Presentation Server __________ and check if the unexpected policy results occur. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) A user has just logged onto Web Interface successfully, but does not see any of the streamed applications displayed on the screen. What is causing this issue? An administrator sees the Backup farm metric server alert in the Access Management Console. Which step can the administrator take to resolve this alert? An administrator has received several calls about applications not launching when users try to use Application Streaming to the desktop. Which two issues would cause this problem? (Choose two.) Several users have been complaining of slow connections whenever they print within their sessions. Which action can the administrator take to optimize the users' connections? Scenario: An administrator placed a firewall between the License Server and the servers running Presentation Server. After restarting the Citrix Licensing Service, the administrator notices a communication issue between the License Server and the servers running Presentation Server. Which two steps must the administrator take to correct this issue? (Choose two.) Scenario: An administrator allocates licenses and downloads the files to a License Server but is unable to check out a license. The administrator first verifies that the product is using the same port number as the License Server. What else must the administrator verify to make sure licenses can be checked out? After ensuring that all IMA connections have been closed, the administrator must __________ to complete the restoration of the database. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.) Scenario: An administrator in charge of a low bandwidth network recently configured a policy that enables SpeedScreen Image Acceleration as well as SpeedScreen Progressive Display. However, users are still complaining that the images take a long time to load. The administrator cannot enable anything that will further degrade the quality of the images. What can the administrator do to resolve this issue? Scenario: An administrator of a 50-server Presentation Server farm, which includes Windows XP Professional clients, will be implementing graphics-based training for all users. The training will be accessible from a published version of Internet Explorer over a low bandwidth connection. Which SpeedScreen capability should be used to enhance these ICA sessions? Scenario: An administrator is configuring a Presentation Server environment to point to a License Server. However, the administrator cannot establish communication between the Presentation Server farm and the License Server. Which port number must the administrator ensure is available for License Server communications? Scenario: An administrator noticed that after users log off their sessions, their auto-created printers do not get deleted. The administrator determined that this is due to the spooler service not working properly upon logoff. What can the administrator do to resolve this issue? An administrator configures all user profiles so that printers are auto-created and opens all ports required by the Presentation Server farm. Which two TCP ports are used for printing by Windows-based devices using the Presentation Server 10.1 client? (Choose two.) The Citrix SmartAuditor tool should be used when an organization needs to __________ and __________. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.) An administrator has implemented QoS (prioritization) to ensure that ICA traffic is prioritized appropriately. Session Reliability is using the default port. What should the administrator check on the firewall to verify that Session Reliability will work? Scenario: Web Interface users are attempting Smart Card logins to launch their published applications. However, they are receiving an error message indicating their request is too large. Which Citrix service is likely causing this error? When restoring a backup of a Microsoft SQL data store to a new database server, which step does an administrator need to complete? Scenario: An administrator for a large organization wants to segregate licenses on different servers. Specifically, the administrator wants to host the licenses of the Accounting department on a different server than the Human Resources department. The administrator begins the process by changing the port number of the License Server in the Access Management Console. Which step must the administrator complete to ensure the licenses function correctly? Scenario: An administrator notices that users cannot connect to a server in a Presentation Server farm. The administrator believes the Citrix IMA Service may be down. Which tool should the administrator use to run a test to verify that the Citrix IMA Service is down? Scenario: An administrator installed the License Management Console on a different server than the License Server after installing Web Interface. The administrator needs to make sure the correct port number is being used for the License Management Console. What is the correct port number for the License Management Console? Scenario: An administrator customized the settings for Session Reliability and extended the amount of time to keep a session open to 300 seconds. However, the administrator is worried that users may become distracted and leave their client devices accessible to unauthorized users. What can the administrator do to ensure that client devices are not left accessible to unauthorized users while still maintaining Session Reliability? Scenario: Users report that connections to the Presentation Server farm intermittently fail. The administrator finds that impacted users are not located in any particular location or accessing any specific application. Users who access the Presentation Server farm through Program Neighborhood are not affected, but those who access the Presentation Server farm through Web Interface are experiencing this issue approximately 25% of the time. A likely cause of this problem is that the __________ Service on one of the four load balanced servers running Presentation Server has failed. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.) A compliance officer needs to record all Presentation Server sessions for a particular employee. Which tool should the compliance officer use to monitor the employee? Scenario: An administrator just obtained a new server to add to a farm. Once the server is added to the farm it begins a trust query cycle. However, the cycle could not complete due to communication issues. Which component does the server need to communicate with to complete the trust query cycle? Scenario: An administrator of a Presentation Server environment has accepted the default for all network ports. However, the administrator wishes to configure prioritization of ICA traffic where some clients use Session Reliability and other clients do not. Which two TCP ports should the administrator prioritize? (Choose two.)