1Y0-251 - MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0: Management and Maintenance for the Enterprise

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Example Questions

Based on a recent survey, most users in your local office have reported issues related to slow logon times. No other offices have reported similar issues. Because only this office has reported this issue, it is most likely related to _________. What are two purposes of an effective change management process? Select two. What are two primary reasons for having a change management process? Select two. com, a small company, has a single MetaFrame Presentation server farm with two zones. One zone containing 11 servers is used for the production environment. The other zone contains five servers and is used as test environment where changes are tested prior to deployment into the production environment. Applications are only published in the production environment and users only have access to servers in that zone. This company is acquiring a small company that already has MetaFrame Presentation Server deployed. What is the best way to scale the new environment? When monitoring the environment, which two counters are available in Resource Manager that are not available in Performance Monitor? (Choose two.) You work as an administrator for .com. You handle an eight-server MetaFrame Presentation Server farm. The primary applications accessed in the environment are Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. Management is skeptical about the SpeedScreen capabilities, but has given you the permission to implement one SpeedScreen option. Which SpeedScreen capability should you choose in order to optimize this environment? You work as an administrator for .com. You have recently taken on the role of administrator for the MetaFrame Presentation Server farm. The former administrator had designated a zone named TEST ZONE which was used for testing purposes. To comply with Citrix recommendations, you should ___________. After successfully passing application unit testing, two applications are found to be incompatible during application integration testing. Of the following characteristics, which is most likely to be the cause? Which two MetaFrame Presentation Server environments would benefit most from the use of the universal printer driver? Select two. You work as an administrator for .com. During the rollout phase of a new marketing campaign, Sandra, the systems administrator for a small advertising firm, received complaints from employees stating that they could not access applications hosted on the server. About the same time alerts were generated. The servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server and hosting applications ceased to function. Upon reviewing historical reports from Resource Manager, Sandra spotted a gradual decrease in available memory on the server over the course of several months. Further, a marked decrease in the amount of memory available was noted just before a new campaign rollout when a higher than average number of users were accessing graphic design and project management applications. After this discovery Sandra immediately rebooted the server in an attempt to release the memory that was consumed by the graphics design and project management applications. What are two important changes Sandra should implement to decrease the likelihood of this or a similar incident happening again? (Choose two.) com has deployed approximately 40 Hewlett-Packard network print devices throughout the company. You wish to control the number of printer drivers in your environment and deploy no more than 10 drivers. Many of the printer drivers are similar, such as the HP LaserJet 8100 and HP LaserJet 8150. What would be the best printer driver option? Which three major resources should be measured when establishing a baseline? Select three. You work as an administrator for .com. For the past year, the MetaFrame Presentation Server farm has been running optimally. Users have been satisfied with the level of service provided. Because of this success, management wants to use MetaFrame Presentation Server as an enterprise solution. This results in the number of servers increasing from 50 to 500. The architecture is designated as two zones, each in a remote data center, within a single farm. As the expansion continues, users start to notice that application enumeration is beginning to take longer. The issue continues until application enumerations fail from time to time. Based on this information, what is the best course of action? You work as an administrator for .com. In your enterprise, there are three load managed groups. Each group has four servers for a total of 12 servers in the farm. In order to implement N+1 redundancy, how many additional servers will you need to add farm? Which MetaFrame Presentation Server management component can be used to manage multiple farms including session, user and processor data? Charron is the junior administrator for .com. She is responsible for ensuring that all systems are free from viruses. Which two best practices should be considered in the installation, application and updating of antivirus software? (Choose two.) You work as an administrator at .com. The IT Director sent you an e-mail a few minutes ago that advised you to apply a Microsoft hotfix to the servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 immediately. .com's change management policy stringently follows the recommended Citrix protocol. How should you proceed? You are preparing change management documentation as you plan to apply a hotfix to your MetaFrame Presentation Server environment. According to Citrix best practices, which three items are required? Select three. Which two items should be monitored in enterprise environments? (Choose two.) You work as an administrator for .com. In your environment servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server are in their own Active Directory OU. There are no other objects in that OU. You want to apply user-specific settings to users that logon to those servers. How can this be accomplished? Your MetaFrame Presentation Server farm will be growing from 10 servers to 30 servers during the next three months and an additional 20 servers will be added early next year. , your manager, has asked you to budget for both phases for the expansion project. What should you include in your budget request? com recently conducted a survey regarding performance of the MetaFrame Presentation Server environment. In each of the remote offices, only users from the Finance department gave low scores to printing performance. How should you access this issue? You work as an administrator for .com. Your MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 farm consists of four zones that represent each of your major geographical locations throughout the world. Centralized applications are housed at your headquarters locations, whereas office productivity and regional applications, such those used for banking, are housed at the geographical locations. You use zone preference and failover to ensure that users are routed to the correct servers. .com plans to acquire a small company in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that utilizes eight servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server XP, Feature Release 2. Users in the acquired company will need to access headquarters-based applications. The Active Directory domain of the acquired company will be deleted in 30 days, as new accounts will be established within the parent company Active Directory structure. What is the best solution for incorporating this acquisition into the current environment? Six months ago .com successfully deployed a new CRM application on servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server to users in the local office and, using Secure Gateway, to users in remote offices. Recently .com has introduces a policy allowing the headquarters' office to work remotely from home on occasion. Users access applications using the existing Secure Gateway and MetaFrame Presentation Server infrastructure. However, as the number of employees working remotely has increased, they have increasingly complained about poor performance. Which resources may require increased capacity to resolve the performance problems? You are administrator of a 50-server MetaFrame Presentation Server farm. All clients are based on Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional. The Training Department will deploying video-based training that will be published on the servers, but a format has not yet been determined. Which two SpeedScreen capabilities should you point out to the project manager as options that would likely enhance ICA sessions over low-bandwidth connections? Select two. You need to obtain network-related data regarding the servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server that is not available in the Presentation Server or the Access Suite Console. Upon researching, you learn that the data is accessible in the MetaFrame Presentation Server Software Development Kit. In order to take advantage of this kit, what is required? You are the new .com administrator of a MetaFrame Presentation Server farm that consists of nearly 50 servers. The previous administrator had allowed users to automatically install native drivers, but you disabled this capability this morning. In reviewing the server farm, you see that each server has approximately 70 to 100 Hewlett-Packard drivers loaded. You want to regain control of the printer drivers, yet provide users with the drivers that are required. What additional change should you make? The employees of a cutting edge graphic design company running MetaFrame Presentation Server, often use advanced features of their many color and black/white printers. Which statement best applies to their printing needs? As an administrator at .com you have recently purchased new servers as part of your three-year replacement cycle. The new servers are significantly more powerful than those in your current environment. Based on the current set of applications, you wish to determine how many additional sessions can be supported on each server. Which two tools would you must likely use for this purpose? Select two. You are the administrator for a MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 farm that consists of three zones: 20 servers are your headquarters location in St Petersburg and 10 servers each in the Kiev and Minsk offices. .com is planning to scale down its operations in Minsk. Only two servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server will be required to host a Minsk-based regional banking application and office productivity applications. How should you implement this change? Users at the small remote office in Karlsruhe have reported that transferring files within the Windows Explorer published application is sometimes slow during morning hours. Your network administrator plans to upgrade this WAN link later this year but is unable to do so now. To improve the user experience, you should ___________ and _____________. Select two. Which three aspects should be considered prior to scheduling a change? Select three. You work as an administrator for .com. You are monitoring the MetaFrame Presentation Server farm. Because a virus infiltrated the system, the security on the server running Web Interface is compromised. The Web Interface site is the main access point from which users access the environment. Because of this, a second Web Interface server is built. The existing Secure Gateway configuration must also be changed to direct connections to the new Web Interface site. Existing company policy requires that all changes, including emergency changes, go through the company change management process. Which statement best describes the course of action you should take to implement this change? You work as an administrator for .com. Your management has finally allocated lab equipment for a test environment so that you can test new applications and configurations. The test environment should be deployed as ____________. Which two situations warrant a standard change? Select two. When monitoring the environment, which statement is correct? You have been asked to implement three registry changes on your eight servers running MetaFrame Presentation Server to address an application issue. Which of the following is the best way to make these changes? An administrator for a large enterprise environment actively monitors the Active Sessions counters in Resource Manager to determine how many sessions are running on the servers. What other counter would be useful in gauging the number of sessions using resources on the servers? You work as an administrator for .com. You have been asked to deploy a mandatory application security upgrade that is in an executable file. The vendor has advised that the upgrade is not reversible. When filling out the change control documentation, which two steps should be recorded? (Choose two.) As a best practice, when disk fragmentation reaches ___________, defragmentation should be done. The .com MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 environment contains 50 servers in a single farm with a dedicated data collector. All servers in the farm host sessions with the exception of the dedicated data collector. The servers hosting sessions are running at 60% capacity. In order to minimize the impact that could occur in the event of the loss of your data collector, which best practice should be applied? Which two statements are valid reasons for rebooting a server running MetaFrame Presentation Server? Select two. com runs MetaFrame Presentation Server at their corporate headquarters in Montreal. They are attempting to establish a protocol for backing up their systems. Which statement describes a Citrix best practice for backing up data? To implement GPOs that will help to secure a MetaFrame Presentation Server farm, which two steps should be completed? Select two. com is headquartered in Tokyo and has deployed MetaFrame Presentation Server for office productivity and e-mail. You also have manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Bangladesh. A new ERP application will be deployed to ensure better management material, resources and shipping. All back-end-data will be housed in Tokyo, and two servers will be deployed in Taiwan and Bangladesh to host office productivity for managers. How would you deploy MetaFrame Presentation Server Taiwan and Bangladesh? You have decided to limit bandwidth for ICA printing, primarily to address complaints from remote users. What is the best way to accomplish this task? When using Resource Manager to monitor a server running MetaFrame Presentation Server, you notice that the Processor counter for % Interrupt Time is at the yellow threshold. What does this indicate? Select two. Prior to applying a hot fix to the server running MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0, an administrator should _________________ and _______________. Select two. com will be deploying a CAD application early next year for use by the Engineering group. Initial testing has indicated that approximately 20 concurrent sessions will be supported on each server running MetaFrame Presentation Server. What is the best way to deploy this application?