1Y0-222 - MetaFrame Presentation Server with Feature Release 3

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Example Questions

Which IMA component is used to store session information? When should Citrix SSL Relay be used? (Choose Three). What is the default location of the Nfuse.conf file in a standard installation of the Web Interface for MetaFrame XP? What does the command change client / flush perform? What are the primary subsystems that the ICA Browser Subsystem utilizes? (Choose two) Which information is NOT in the MetaFrame XP data store? How many users can connect to a server using the default load evaluator? By default, how many listener ports are created for each protocol? What is the name of the MetaFrame XP presentation Server Windows Installer package and where is it located? has a single farm covering three sites: London, Paris and Tokyo. The farm is centrally administered in London. Each site requires billing in its local currency. What is the preferred method to manage the different currencies? Which of the following is not a feature of SpeedScreen browser acceleration? Under which two circumstances would the BUILTIN Group option be used? (Choose two) Dan must change the registry settings on the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server in order to support the Netware Client. Which key he must be modified for this implementation to work successfully? Which of the following can be used to provide users with access to MetaFrame XP Presentation Server applications through a standard Web browser? You have just completed the installation and configuration of your MetaFrame XP server. You have advised all users to select. Save Password during logon How does this affect these users? (Choose two) Proper Procedure for importing print servers configured to push print drivers requires accessing printers served from a test environment before importing the print server into production. What displayed maximum load level indicates that the load balanced servers are carrying a full load? What are features that the Program Neighborhood Agent log on offers to the Citrix administrator? (Choose three) Thomas needs to force the client to replace the host part of the server's URL with the FQDN. What can he use to perform this task? What can be used to specify that an ICA connection use some settings from their user accounts? Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the Program Neighborhood Agent Admin tool? How many NDS trees per farm does MetaFrame support? Larry is a teacher at an elementary school in Miami, Florida. He must use a tool that will allow him to shadow and to switch among multiple shadowed sessions of his third grade class. What can he use to accomplish this task? If you are updating the ICA Clients, use the _____ to deploy the latest versions of the ICA Client software. Which command can be used to install MetaFrame XP Presentation Server? How can an existing wlsuprn. Txt file be manually imported into a MetaFrame XP farm data store? By default when printing to an auto created network printer from a MetaFrame XP server, what will the MetaFrame XP server do? What is the purpose of the local host cache? A new server is added into the farm for redundancy. It is decided that this computer will become the Backup Farm Metric Server and a TAPI server. Where should the administrator look to turn this machine into a Backup Farm Metric Server? Which tasks must be performed before changing farm membership of a MetaFrame XP server? (Choose two) The Independent Management Architecture Service is required for which of the following MetaFrame XP functions? (Choose two) Which statements are true? (Choose two) You connect to the MetaFrame XP server but your local printer is not mapped when you log on. You verify that the printer is installed and works correctly on your local machine, and you have it set as your default printer. What are two likely causes of this problem? (Choose two). Which three statements are true about Meta-Frame XP? (Choose three) Connections with which network latency benefit least from SpeedScreen latency reduction? SpeedScreen latency reduction reduces latency on connections in which the round trip latency is between ______. Mark must change a MetaFrame XP server Preference from Preferred to Most Preferred. Where in the Management Console for MetaFrame XP can this task be accomplished? Which clients does MetaFrame XP Presentation Server Support? (Choose Four). By default, the IMA service uses which TCP port when communicating with the Management Console for Metaframe XP? Which of the following recreates the local host cache on a MetaFrame XP server? Which command is used to generate reports of logon/logoff activity for a Meta-Frame server based on the Windows NT server security event log? Which of the following ICA session options can an administrator manage using the Program Neighborhood Agent Admin tool? (Choose three) To change the TCP/IP port used by the ICA protocol from 1494 to 1524, which command can be used? What is ICA Browsing? What is the difference between the Shadow icon in the Management Console for MetaFrame XP and the Shadow Taskbar? Citrix is considering the configuration of anonymous connections to published applications for its MetaFrame XP environment. They have the following requirements: 1. All users must be able to access their application seamlessly without logging on. 2. All users in the Accounting department require access to all applications, and Administrative Assistants are to be given access to all but one application. 3. All MetaFrame XP servers must reside in the same server farm for licensing purposes. 4. The IT department must be able to update the list of applications provided to users instantly, without requiring configuration changes on the client devices. Which statement is true? Which statement is true when selecting Use Data Compression in Program Neighborhood? Which three parameters for administering client cache can be set within Program Neighborhood? (Choose three) Which statements are true concerning the ICA Client? (Choose three) Which permissions are needed for a user to shadow another user? (Choose two)