1V0-605 - VMware Certified Associate 6 - Desktop and Mobility Fundamentals

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Example Questions

A company wants to deploy VMware Workspace Portal in its environment, but is concerned that users will be able use unauthorized applications. Which mechanism of VMware Workspace Portal prevents this behavior? A consultant is designing a Horizon (with View) deployment and has been informed by the client that several departments allow their users lo work from home three days a week Which product or component can help secure the users' access to their virtual desktops? Which statement represents a Customer Requirement that could be met by implementing a VMware Horizon (with View) deployment? Which two application support issues can be eliminated by using VMware ThinApp application visualization? (Choose two.) Which statement reflects a Security challenge that could be addressed by a new VMwars Horizon (with View) deployment? An administrator wants to make a centralized Web Management Console available to desktop and mobile users. End users should be able to request applications and virtual desktop resources customized specifically for them. Which VMware product can offer this functionality? An IT manager is looking for a solution to high maintenance and repair costs in their organization. Which solution would help reduce these costs? An administrator needs to deliver corporate virtual desktops to end users globally. Currently, users traveling between branch offices complain or slow access at certain locations. Which VMware Horizon technology will provide a high quality end user experience, regardless of the user's location? An administrator is using VMware Mirage to create a base operating system image, but is concerned that deploying this operating system to different types of hardware can cause many problems. What two tasks can an administrator implement to avoid this issue? (Choose two) A company wants to purchase several physical servers, which will be deployed as Virtual SAN- enabled FSXi hosts. The company is unsure which disk architect tire types are required to be installed in the server in order to deploy Virtual SAN. Which two types of physical disks are required to deploy Virtual SAN? (Choose two.) An administrator has received complaints from several mobile and remote branch office users regarding performance. Users report extremely slow access when connecting to the company VPN to take backups and snapshots. Which solution overcomes this issue and allows end users to backup and synchronize devices to the datacenter without a VPN? A medium sized company manages over 1,000 virtual machines, which are running on six ESXi hosts in a VMware Horizon 6 infrastructure. The existing storage array is suffering lion performance and capacity issues. The company is considering deploying a new storage array, but is concerned about the cost. Which VMware solution otters a software-defined storage platform that is fully integrated with vSphere and can be deployed without the need for an external storage array? Which component of VMware Horizon Blast will provide a consistent experience (o end users regardless of the type of device or location of the device being used? A user's laptop has a message displayed on screen indicating that all the data has been encrypted and requires payment to decrypt the data. Which action can an administrator take to recover the laptop? How are VMware Horizon 6 storage policies applied to virtual desktops that are located on a Virtual SAN distributed datastore? Your manager has asked you to implement a VMware Horizon (with View) solution in your environment. Which solution is best suited for a group of users where the desktop must be deleted and recreated after each use? Which statement reflects an Accessibility challenge that could be addressed by a now VMware Horizon (with View) deployment? A manager is planning next year's budget and is concerned that desktop computers cost too much money for the length of time they are able to be used. The manager wants a solution that is not just simple, but one that will last for years with little required maintenance. Which type of business challenge is the manager being faced with? An administrator wants to deploy application pools, but the company is concerned about securing and managing them. How do application pools overcome the company's concerns? A medium sized company wants to deploy on-premises desktops and application a unified workspace. The company has chosen to deploy Virtual SAN and offer a unified workspace. Which VMware Horizon edition does the company need to purchase? An administrator is attending a planning meeting for a VMware Horizon (with View) deployment and is asked for a definition of end user computing? How should the administrator respond? Which type of disk architecture does Virtual SAN leverage? In which two ways can an administrator directly distribute VMware ThinApp packaged applications to users? (Choose two.) An administrator needs to deliver rich virtualized graphics to VMware Horizon (with view) desktops which offer workstation-class performance. Which VMware Blast technology can moot this requirement? An application needs to be deployed to corporate employees to assist them with daily administrative duties. In order to comply with corporate policy, the application needs to be verified to identify common application risks, such as access to privacy settings and insecure network connections. Which VMware AirWatch product provides this capability? A Help Desk engineer has expressed concern about the security of user data in virtual desktop sessions. How is user data potential in View session? Corporate users require a solution that permits a complete separation of corporate and personal email, that is encrypted by 256-bit encryption, and that can be secured is a device is stolen. Which VMware product can provide this functionality? A business has a widely distributed sales force where many users do not live anywhere near a dedicated office. The business wants to Issue them a laptop and manage the, laptop remotely. Which VMware solution meets this business need? Which VMware solution will allow an administrator to manage the migration and deployment of 100 or more desktops from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 with minimum downtime using a central management console? Which technique does VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon 6 use to determine the upper and lower range of normal behavior for each metric? Which technology allows users to access VMware Workspace Portal using any desktop PC, MAC, IOS, or Android device? Employees expect more flexibility to securely access corporate applications and data using a variety of company and personally-owned devices, regardless of location. Which solution is described in this statement? A company has engaged a consultant to configure a way to provide a generic virtual desktop to users as (hey login. Users will not save data to their desktop and all client data is redirected through Group Policy Objects. Which Horizon (with View) feature will accomplish this request? An administrator is concerned about reoccurring licensing issues within their; organization Which product or component will help resolve these issues? An administrator receives a trouble ticket reporting a low vRealize Operations for Horizon 6 score value on an object (for example, 15 out of 100). Which course of action should the administrator recommend? A growing company is experiencing scalability issues with delivering virtual desktops to its employees. The company has these requirements The solution must allow many virtual desktops to be easily provisioned and delivered. The solution should allow virtual desktops to be delivered and requested via a Self Service Catalog. Which VMware product meets these requirements? Which three products have been integrated into VMware Workspace Suite to power virtual workspaces and combine application and data management on devices? (Choose three.)