1V0-601 - VMware Certified Associate 6 - Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals

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Example Questions

How does fault tolerance provide continuous availability? Which vSphere 6.x feature enables you to mitigate the effects of storage latency during peak load periods in a virtualized data center? Which two features require shared storage? (Choose two.) Which statement best defines the virtual machine hot-add feature? What does Storage DRS do to determine if a particular disk device is overburdened? Where does Fault Tolerance store the primary and secondary virtual machine files? Why does iSCSI use hardware and software initiators? You have been asked by your supervisor to define some virtualization terms for her. She has asked about the difference between a bare-metal hypervisor and a host-based hypervisor. What can you tell her? Your email server lives on a storage array, but performance is not adequate. You can't afford a new array or to replace the drives in the array, but need better performance for your email server which is searched frequently. Which feature will provide the needed performance boost? Which two features would an administrator use to1 migrate virtual machines across a WAN to another site? (Choose two.) A vSphere Standard Switch has been configured for IP-based load balancing using two uplinks. A new uplink is added to the vSwitch. What is the status of the uplink by default? You are discussing virtual networking with a colleague. She asks you which type of virtual switch supports the advanced networking option called Port Mirroring. Which of the following is the correct answer? Your management has asked you to project your anticipated virtual machine storage needs over the next 18 months. Which technology would help provide the required information? Your company has just purchased a new storage array to host your virtual machines (VMs). You have connected the storage to each of your ESXi hosts and now wish to move some of the running VMs to the new storage. Which vCenter feature would help you do this non-disruptively? You are the administrator for a new VMware installation and you have an application that is running within a virtual machine that creates a high amount of inbound traffic. This traffic seems to be affecting other virtual machines on the same virtual switch. What can you do to reduce the impact to the peer virtual machines? Under what two conditions does Distributed Power Management bring powered-off hosts back online? (Choose two.) In what two situations would an administrator use Storage vMotion? (Choose two.) An administrator is working in a bank that has a highly regulated, secure environment. The bank faces an increasing number of clients, and the administrator is finding II monitor the environment and report any changes. Which VMware product can help provide a solution? What is an availability challenge that vSphere can address? Which vSphere feature allows hardware maintenance to be performed at any time without impacting application availability? A network administrator notices that a few virtual machines run slowly every morning. To troubleshoot the issue the administrator needs to analyze the total traffic sent I virtual machines. Which feature would the administrator use for troubleshooting? Which vSphere feature is used to help achieve greater uptime SLAs? In a meeting with your manager, you are asked to describe the difference between vCenter Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication. Which of the following is a feature provided only by vCenter Site Recovery Manager? Your company needs the features provided in a distributed switch. You have been tasked with finding the least expensive version of vSphere that meets the need. Which edition meets these requirements? What tool can an administrator use to determine if an existing environment is ready for Fault Tolerance? Which two features of vSphere 6.x help address scalability challenges in a data center? (Choose two.) You are the VMware Administrator for the local city government. When you arrive at your desk, you find that there are several alarms referring to an outage caused by an overnight driver update. When you ask your colleagues about the driver update, no one seems to know anything about it. Which solution will help in determining the problem? Which feature of vSphere 6.x enables organizations to move virtual machines across data centers? Which vSphere 6.x storage service provides array-based operations at the virtual disk level? You are planning to use shared storage for your evaluation of vSphere. Your colleague is describing a storage topology that can be built on a dedicated, 4Gbps, 8Gbps, or 16Gbps network composed of two fabrics for redundancy. What is the name of this type of shared storage? Which statement about standard switches is true? What vCenter feature does Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) use during the automated load balancing of virtual machines? What is the minimum number of virtual NICs that you can configure for a virtual machine? What is the name of the logical volume that vSphere 6.x uses to store virtual machines files? What are two advantages of Network I/O Control? (Choose two.) A consultant is meeting the COO of a new client to help the company consider implementing data center virtualization. The COO asks the consultant to explain the benefits of virtualization. Which are three benefits of data center virtualization with vSphere 6.x? (Choose three.) Which three vSphere 6.x features require a shared storage infrastructure to work properly? (Choose three.) What are two features of vSphere with Operations Management? (Choose two.) You work in a large datacenter with hundreds of ESXi hosts managed by a vCenter server. Your IT consultant has advised you to use Distributed Power Management (DPM). What does it do? What is the network virtualization platform used by a vSphere 6.x Software-Defined Data Center? What is one requirement when adding an extent to a VMFS datastore? What are two benefits of datacenter virtualization? (Choose two.) You have been receiving complaints that the mail server has been slow. You investigate and determine that a print server in the same storage location is using much of the bandwidth to the storage array. Which feature will allow you to increase the priority of the mail server so that it meets the SLA defined for it? Which storage protocol allows administrators to reduce the total number of network ports used in the network environment? An IT administrator working in a space agency has just in installed some applications that are critical for a satellite launch mission. The administrator wants the applications to work irrespective of any operating system failure. Which vSphere 6.x feature should the administrator use? A company has recently reported a financial loss and has identified that a major part of their expenses is the maintaining and managing of their virtualized network in the data center. The company needs a solution that would help cut down on their operating expenditures. What should the company do to solve this issue? VMware vSphere 6.x empowers users with which two capabilities? (Choose two.) Which feature of vSphere networking restricts the inbound and outbound network bandwidth of a group of virtual machines? Which vSphere 6.x feature allocates available resources among the virtual machines based on pre-defined rules? What are two features of a resource pool? (Choose two.)