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Question :-

Marcella is looking for a very unique product online. She has found one on the XYZ Company's Web site, which is designed well and appears to be legitimate. As she navigates through the checkout process, she reaches the checkout page with this URL, which asks her to enter her credit card information: http://XYZ.com/gp/checkout.html/ref=chk_out_TLS12B_lb?ie=IJTFB&docld=10007931 Why should Marcella cancel her online transaction instead of proceeding?
Because the site uses 128-bit encryption, which is illegal for companies that are located overseas
Because the link contains abbreviations and is not completely readable, so Marcella is unsure of the server name
Because the link does not use SSL/TLS encryption and therefore the information Marcella enters would not be secure
Because the link uses SSL/TLS encryption, which Marcella knows is not compatible with the browser she is using

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