1D0-520 - CIW v5 Site Designer

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Example Questions

What is the purpose of the <layer> tag? Consider the following code: <!--XHTML 1.0 Transitional Web page template--> Which of the following describes the tag used to insert this message? Why are XML documents considered "intelligent" compared to HTML documents? Which method for applying CSS style variations defines styles for a single Web page? XHTML includes three flavors: XHTML Transitional, XHTML Strict, and XHTML Frameset, and is a reformulation of what recommendation? Which RGB value represents the color black? Which of the following SQL queries is used to create new database records? How do rich media ads differ from conventional online ads? Which part of the applet code is the compiled Java code that runs the applet function? Which of the following is an example of structural markup? What does an author's work being in the public domain mean? During which phase of a Web development project does refining and updating the site design occur? Which content attribute value for "robots" prevents links from pointing directly to images? What is an HTML interpreter? Rosa wants to position a paragraph 100 pixels below the top of the HTML document, and 100 pixels from its left margin. Which styles should she use? Server and operating system vendors regularly update their software by offering security patches when new vulnerabilities are discovered. To keep your Web site and server safe, you should apply security patches: You are aligning the top and left margins of your Web page with the edge of the browser window. What effect would the <body topmargin="0" leftmargin="0"> tag value have? What is the default speed at which the Flash timeline plays movies? Which approach type best describes the Web development process? Which of the following will help you standardize documents from different departments throughout your company by establishing a set of conventions for publishing? Marcos is writing a client-side JavaScript that asks the user to type a dollar amount that will be used to compute a loan payment amount. Which of the following methods can Marcos use to ask the user for input? Manuel has been hired by XYZ Corporation to develop a Web site that will display information about the company's products and in-stock quantities to potential customers. The company currently has more than 1,000 products in its catalog. Which approach is best for providing Web site customers with the necessary information? What is the term for the ability to reproduce or quote copyrighted works for certain purposes such as research, teaching, journalism, and criticism? Homer has been asked to create a monthly advertising message and send it by bulk e-mail to all e-mail addresses collected from customers who have purchased products from the company. What should Homer include in the bulk e-mail message to ensure customer privacy? Your company often uses bulk e-mail to announce new products. You have been asked to design an HTML page containing a product announcement that will be sent via e-mail. Which of the following can be used to reduce accusations that your company sends spam to users? Your team is creating a Web site for a small non-profit organization. Which of the following will help all users, including those with vision disabilities? Which of the following is a good example of a tactic you could use to gather personal information from your customers? An XML document is said to be "valid" if it is well-formed and also contains what? A common use of Flash is to create a splash page that provides a quick movie introduction to a Web site before refreshing automatically to the home page. What should you do to accommodate return visitors to your site? Which of the following X/HTML attributes can you modify in the <table> tag to size a table to occupy the entire space of a Web page? Which W3C recommended language creates a transition from HTML to XML? After completing the initiating phase of a Web development project, what should a project manager complete before proceeding to the planning phase? What should you do if you want a Fireworks image to appear to blend with or float on the page background? The FrontPage interface most resembles: Why does XML have a potential to refine results returned by Web search engines? Which elements on the staging server need to be identical to those of the production server to ensure that your Web site will function as intended when it goes "live"? Your new customer, Chattawa, is the education coordinator for Bluelake County Schools. He has asked you to design a Web site to teach school personnel in aboriginal issues. He presents you with a report about current concerns that aboriginal children's learning styles are not being addressed in the school system. He suggests that you reproduce the report online and add aboriginal art in the margins. Whose perspective should you take as you design the site? Hal has saved a file as a template in Dreamweaver. If he has not already done so, Dreamweaver will prompt him to add: You have been asked to transfer print copy to a Web page. Which of the following is a commonly accepted rule concerning white space in this situation? Which term is used to describe a user's understanding of any parent, peer, or child pages relative to the current location in the site? Which JavaScript method is used to capture user input? Marcus is designing a site and wants to use a ready-made template from a Web development application. One consequence of using predesigned templates is that: When you create a rich media ad, what technique can you use to create a sense of motion and action without video? What is the term for a chronologically organized personal Web journal? SVG files can be defined as: The best use of an XHTML table is to: Which of the following best defines a Web site vision statement? You are designing a medical research site. The content will include medical terminology. When is it acceptable to use industry jargon? Because it is a universal X/HTML editor, you can use FrontPage to: A database that is constructed from multiple files and housed at different locations on the enterprise is known as a what?