1D0-510 - CIW v5 Foundations Exam

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Example Questions

Which of the following allows multiple systems to communicate on a wireless network in infrastructure mode? Angel is a member of the Web development team. She is responsible for developing the overall plan of the Web site. What is Angel's job role? You need to register a domain name for the Web sites that will promote your company's new product in international markets. You decide to register several top-level domains, such as .ca, .au and .ae, in addition to the commonly used .com domain. Why would you do this? Perl, .Net and PHP are all examples of: Which of the following is an example of a dial-up Internet connection? You are developing some new pages for your company's Web site, and you are ready to post the pages to the site. You will upload your files to a remote Web server using a command-line FTP client. To upload the files, which command will your FTP client program use? Your manager has asked you about the essential difference between worms and viruses. Which of the following is true? What is an intranet? Your co-worker is not familiar with technical concepts. He asks you to explain Secure Shell (SSH) and the way it works. Which of the following is an appropriate and accurate explanation you can give to this non-technical person? Which choice lists the three basic elements that are required by all networks? Chris works on the Web team for his company. He updates the company Web site at the IP address On Chris's business cards, he uses the URL www.CIWcertified.com instead of the IP address for the company site. Which technology allows both the URL and the IP address to refer to the same Web site? Which of the following Web site maintenance functions helps ensure that users continue to visit your site? What is a cookie? Which term describes a server at the highest level of the Domain Name System (DNS)? Which choice best defines Return On Investment (ROI)? Which type of server binds TCP to port 80 by default and listens for incoming requests from clients? What is the primary purpose of the Domain Name System (DNS)? Which of the following is a protocol and command interface that can be used to gain secure access to a remote computer and then execute commands to administer the system? What is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)? Mike wants to download the Macromedia Flash MX 2004 viewer software to his desktop. Which Internet protocol will he use? Luis uses JavaScript code in his Web site's home page. The script notifies Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 users of a possible usability problem. What does this script do? Susan is a freelance Web developer and needs to set up a home office. She currently has 10 customers and transfers approximately 20 megabytes (MB) of data per day. Which is the most efficient Internet connection for Susan's needs? Which markup language describes document content instead of adding structure or formatting to document content? Your company has decided to use a freelance artist's digital photos to enhance the company Web site. Which process should your company follow? Maria and her team are beginning to redesign a corporate Web site. The company owners want to keep the site's navigation icons at the top of each page, and enable linked pages to appear in another section of the same browser window. Which XHTML technique does Maria suggest? Which fact must network administrators consider when implementing encryption policies for company data that will be sent internationally? You are hosting a Web server in your office. Your ISP will provide connectivity. What do you need from your ISP in order to publish your site? You want to find information about Java. You visit a popular search engine and manually search through a directory tree of topics until you find a directory titled "Computers" and a subdirectory titled "Programming Languages." You select the topic "Java" and look through a list of indexed pages on that topic, then choose one page with which to begin your research. Which type of search index did you use? Which of the following is the most popular protocol that provides authentication and encryption for secure exchanges over the Internet? Which IP address is called the loopback address, and can be used for testing and troubleshooting? James created an XHTML table to show his schedule for each week of the month. He organized the table in a standard calendar format, so that each day from Sunday to Saturday is the header for a vertical column, and each week of days is displayed horizontally as a row. Each scheduled activity appears in the table cell appropriate for the day it occurs. James wants to merge two table cells into one cell to show the IT Business Conference that he will attend from Tuesday to Wednesday in the third week. Which tag should James use for this merged cell? A company with a business-to-consumer Web site uses a service to securely transmit its customers' credit card information to the company's merchant bank. Which technology performs this function? Three factors affect every project, and when one factor is adjusted, it affects the others. This relationship is known as the Project Triangle. What are the three factors in the Project Triangle? Brian is a systems administrator for his company. He performs many maintenance and troubleshooting tasks in a room that has multiple, redundant connections. This room is used to control the company's network resources. What is the term for this location? Changes in project scope tend to occur: Lo-An creates a Web site that discusses Internet technologies. Her Web site pages use her own XHTML code and design template, and her original text, digital artwork and music. As you review Lo-An's site, you should assume that her copyright protection covers: Which of the following is the best example of a client? In which process do two routers communicate to automatically calculate routes and to exchange information about routes of known networks? Which of the following is a junction between one high-speed network and another? You received an e-mail attachment with a .tgz file name extension. Which application has most likely created this file? Which is the best way to ensure that the Web pages you create will display properly in standard Web browsers? Which device contains a transceiver, is responsible for transmitting and receiving only digital network signals, and can be attached to a workstation via various methods, including Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)? Chris and his Web development team are beginning a Web site project. What is the first step in this project? Which of the following accurately describes a difference between GIF images and JPEG images? Which of the following is a contract used in project management that outlines the requirements for each project task to ensure that the project objectives are met? Which scenario describes a back-end issue that you must consider when developing a Web site? Which choice lists the three image file formats that are universally supported by modern Web browsers? The Human Resources department needs to provide a variety of policy information to the company employees. Members of HR will configure and manage their own Web server in-house. This server will use Linux and Apache Server, and it will be part of the company intranet. Which of the following costs must be considered? Which type of malware resides in active memory, consumes system resources and can self- replicate? Which common peripheral connection port can support up to 127 peripherals, and support speeds of up to 480 Kbps?