199-01 - Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional

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Example Questions

Which of the following is NOT supported in Alarm Settings? The default setting for "allow failure" in the Interceptor appliance version 2.0 is: (Select 2) If the VPN concentrator that a Steelhead Mobile client connects to is not in path with a Steelhead appliance, what changes could be made to the Riverbed infrastructure to allow optimization from the Steelhead Mobile clients? After a new physical in-path installation, all applications appear to be slower. Adding a pass- through rule does not seem to fix the problem. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem? The primary data center Interceptor is configured to fail-to-block. What best describes the result of stopping the Interceptor appliance service? You would like your Steelhead Mobile clients to automatically detect when they are in a branch office with a local Steelhead. You have decided that the Steelhead Mobile Client should only optimize connections if the Steelhead appliance is more than 10 ms away. What is the name of the feature you need to enable? What command should you use to see the direct URL of a package? Company X has many offshore oil rigs they want to bring optimization to. The only available connection is through a satellite that has frequent bursts of packet loss. There are very few users per rig and HTTPS-based SharePoint performance is so poor they often time out pulling down even a small file. CIFS often does not work at all. They are considering the Steelhead Mobile solution to solve this problem. You suggest they deploy a Steelhead in-path at the data center and: What is the default CMC appliance name resolved by the Steelhead appliance for initial configuration? On the Steelhead Mobile Controller, what is the default setting of Reorder Intermediate Drivers? Which of the following are valid WCCPv2 control messages? (Select 3) The IP address for which neighbor interface should be configured for Connection Forwarding? 1) lan0_0 2) inpath0_0 3) Primary 4) AUX 5) inpath7_7 In creating a customized Steelhead Mobile client MSI package, what is the Group ID (GID) used for? When Connection Forwarding is in use, when a neighbor fails, the default behavior of the remaining neighbor will be to: A data center location has three Steelhead appliances and one Interceptor appliance clustered together. If Steelheads A and B are unable to handle the new web traffic on port 80, the administrator does not want the connection to be serviced by Steelhead C. Given the current rules, we want to prevent traffic from redirecting to Steelhead C. Current Rules: Rule 1: Redirect rule for ports 445, 139, 80, target SH A Rule 2: Redirect rule for ports 8080, 80, target SH B Auto (default rule) Which rule should be added on the Interceptor to achieve desired functionality? If using Fixed-target rules, what Steelhead specific probe options are associated with the SYN packet? Which of the following statements are true about server-side out-of-path deployments? (Select 4) What is the CLI command for starting the Configuration Wizard? What ports are required for proper operation of the Steelhead Mobile client? When using SSL, what is the purpose of peer authentication? How do you view the full configuration in the CLI? Which of the following methods can be used to reduce the load on a router configured to use outbound interface WCCP redirection? (Select 3) When registering a Steelhead appliance to the CMC appliance, which of the following options are available? (Select 4) What happens to traffic when a Steelhead appliance reports admission control? In a quad Interceptor appliance deployment the directly connected pairs are configured in failover mode: IC-A & IC-B are failover buddies IC-C & IC-D are failover buddies To prevent asymmetric routing IC-A should be configured to have a neighbor relationship with which of the following peer Interceptors? (Select 2) Which of the following are valid QoS priority queues for Steelhead appliances? (Select 3) TCP-over-IPv6 traffic is not optimized although you have enabled packet-mode optimization and restarted the optimization service. What could be causing this issue? (Select 2) How do you clean the datastore on a Steelhead appliance? 1) > restart empty 2) > reload clean 3) # restart empty 4) # restart clean 5) (config) # reload clean Regarding the registering of Steelhead appliances, What is the default Connection Forwarding keep alive interval? You are configuring HighSpeed TCP in an environment with an OC-3 (155Mb/s) and 60 milliseconds of round-trip latency. You know that the rule of thumb is to set the Steelhead appliance's WAN Default Send Buffer Size and WAN Default Receive Buffer Size to 2*BDP for the link. The buffer size setting for this link would be closest to: (Hint: Use the calculator) For a Steelhead Mobile solution to work properly, what port needs to be allowed by the device that Steelhead Mobile is installed on? Which of the following are examples of Networking policies on the CMC appliance? (Select 3) In configuring failover settings, which of the following ports is set as the default for communicating with the backup Steelhead appliance? You are configuring High-Speed TCP in an environment with an OC3 (155Mb/s) and 60 milliseconds of roundtrip latency. You know that the rule of thumb is to set the Steelheads' WAN Default Send Buffer Size and WAN Default Receive Buffer Size to 2*BDP for the link. The buffer size setting for this link would be closest to (Hint Use the calculator) The Interceptor appliance will attempt to redirect a connection to a Steelhead appliance in the auto pool: What are the default port labels on an Interceptor appliance? What is the primary purpose of enabling Multiple Interface Support on the Interceptor? In a new in-path deployment, connections are listed as pass-through on the branch office Steelhead appliance. Which of the following is the likely cause of the problem? 1) Pass-through rule preventing optimization 2) Server-side Steelhead appliance is down 3) Satellite proxy not copying auto-discovery probes 4) Asymmetric routing is detected for the client/server flow 5) Duplex mismatch on WAN or LAN interface Which of the following deployments is incompatible with the Branch Warming feature? When two or more Steelhead appliances are configured with Connection Forwarding in such environments as WCCP clustering, what feature will allow remaining Steelhead appliances to continue to provide optimization for new connections when one unit fails? One of the Steelhead appliances in your Steelhead appliance cluster is running an older version of RiOS. You decide to schedule a change window to upgrade that Steelhead appliance's image to the current release. What should you do to ensure that the Steelhead appliance optimization still occurs and the upgraded Steelhead appliance no longer accepts new connections? In an existing deployment, all connections appear to he unoptimized. The Current Connections page, lists the connections as pass-through. The logs indicate admission control "Jan 19 18:14:56 client sport[343]: [admission_control WARN] - {- -) Pausing intercept". What are some possible ways to alleviate the problem? (Multiple answers) In version 3.x. actively synchronizing the data store in an active/passive mode where one Steelhead is optimizing and replicating its datastore to the passive Steelhead appliance is called 1) Fail-Over 2) Connection Forwarding 3) Serial Cascading 4) Parallel Cascading 5)Never Of the following, which class priority is defined for the "default" QoS class? The port used by the Steelhead appliance for datastore synchronizations is: The auto-discovery process used by Steelhead appliances can best be described as a: You are troubleshooting a new Steelhead Mobile installation where none of the VPN users with Steelhead Mobile client installed are being optimized. You determine that the Steelhead appliance in the data center is not in-path for VPN users. What are your options to fix this? (Select 2) Which of the following commands would allow you to generate a system dump from the CLI? What are the methods to upload an RSP package? (Select 3)