150-820 - Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2015 Exam

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Example Questions

You have a server with four Ethernet interfaces and want to aggregate your links into a single bundle across two Brocade VDX switches. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) You provided prioritization of customer's traffic in your data center. Not all customers pay for this service and you want to prevent any customers from setting their own QoS markings on their servers. Which three features on the Brocade VCS Fabric would you use to accomplish this task? (Choose three.) You are providing cloud-based virtual desktops to businesses from your data center. Each business needs to be completely segmented from each other; however, to keep costs down, you decide to use a single DHCP and DNS server with the least amount of configuration. Which three features must be configured in the Brocade VCS Fabric? (Choose three.) You have Brocade Network Advisor managing your Brocade VCS Fabric. Your security manager wants an inbound ACL on the port connected to Network Advisor server. Which three protocols must be permitted? (Choose three.) You want to enable a Service Virtual Fabric to provide 802.1Q VLAN virtualization. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) Which feature simplifies deployment of QoS for IP-based storage in a Brocade VCS Fabric? What are two valid ways to transfer firmware to a Brocade VDX when you perform a firmware upgrade? (Choose two.) You want to capture sFlow statistics from a group of interfaces on a Brocade VDX and forward the data to your Brocade Network Advisor server. Which three steps are required for a working configuration? (Choose three.) You are deploying a new Brocade VCS Fabric. The fabric must support IP routing both within the fabric and to external routers. Which two protocols would be used? (Choose two.) A customer has a problem forming a Brocade VCS Fabric using 10 GbE, SFP+ passive, Twinax cables. What should the customer do to resolve this problem? Which two port profile attributes would be assigned before applying the port profile to an interface? (Choose two.) Which three parameters would be configured in an AMPP port profile? (Choose three.) Which two statements are true when traffic is transmitted over a fabric ISL trunk? (Choose two.) You have a Brocade VCS Fabric and one Brocade VDX has the multicast root manually assigned with the highest priority. You are going to remove that VDX from the fabric. Which switch will become the multicast root if no other device has the priority set? After adding a large number of servers to your Brocade VCS Fabric, you notice a severe performance impact to your FCoE traffic. You want to ensure that FCoE traffic is not impacted. What would you do to resolve this problem? A customer would like to use Brocade VDX switches for connectivity to servers running at 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps. The customer would also like the option to upgrade the switch ports to 10 Gbps for additional bandwidth in the near future. Which Brocade VDX switch should you use? Discards are incrementing on an ISL in your Brocade VCS fabric due to tail drops. Which condition would cause this problem? Which item is unique about a Brocade SilkWorm 2800 switch that is part of a Brocade VCS Fabric? Which three parameters are required when configuring a working vLAG on Brocade VDX switches? (Choose three.) Your current VCS fabric comprised of Brocade VDX 8770s is running NOS 4.0.0b in logical chassis mode. You would like to upgrade the firmware with no impact to L2 traffic. Which two procedures would accomplish this task? (Choose two.) You must determine where a specific virtual machine defined in a port profile is physically attached to the Brocade VCS Fabric. Which action would you perform? Your customer wants to establish a LAG connection on a Brocade VDX 6740T-1G connecting to another vendor's switch using 1 GbE interfaces. Every time they try to enable the port channel, the interfaces shut down. In this situation, which statement is true? You want to protect your Brocade VCS Fabric from excessive multicast traffic. Which two features would you enable? (Choose two.) You just connected a new Brocade VDX 6740T-1G switch to the top of rack. You want to connect two 40 GbE uplinks to VDX1 and two 40 GbE uplinks to VDX2. Two of the links come online and two of them are segmented. What is a reason for this problem? What are three Brocade VCS Fabric core technology principles? (Choose three.) A principal RBridge fails. What happens to the VCS virtual IP address? You are introducing a Brocade VCS Fabric to your network and want to implement a non- modular, top of rack switch with at least 40 GbE uplinks to the core. Which switch would you use? Which two statements are true about Network OS integration with VMware vCenter? (Choose two.) Your data center will include a Brocade VCS Fabric that has a Brocade VDX 8770-4 for access/aggregation and a VDX 8770-8 at the core. You must ensure that both chassis are assembled for highest availability. You have a total of four SFMs to deploy in the two chassis. Which slot combinations provide the expected results? To form a Brocade VCS Fabric between a Brocade VDX 6730 and a VDX 6740T, what is required? In which two port types would QoS flow control be enabled? (Choose two.) You want to design a Brocade VCS Fabric that can automatically classify and prioritize traffic for NAS storage. Which two platforms would be used? (Choose two.) You have implemented flow-based sFlow in your Brocade VCS Fabric by enabling sFlow globally on each Brocade VDX. You are not receiving any statistics in your sFlow collector from these devices. What must happen to start collecting data? Which M-Series switch is supported in a Brocade VCS Fabric? Which three steps are required for a firmware upgrade from a USB flash drive? (Choose three.) You want to create an aggregated link to a hypervisor that does not support LACP. What is the mode that needs to be configured on the channel group? You are using PBR in your Brocade VCS Fabric and you would like to selectively modify and route the IP packets in the hardware. Which two would you configure? (Choose two.) You have a Brocade VDX switch in production and you must save a backup copy of the running configuration to a remote location. What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.) You want to implement VRRP-E between a Brocade VDX 6740, and a Brocade VDX 6730 with the protocol vrrp command. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) A customer has a four-port vLAG between two VDX switches and a server. Two of the four links are up but the vLAG will not come up. VDX8770_3-131# show interface po 710 Port-channel 710 is up, line protocol is down (link protocol down) Hardware is AGGREGATE, address is 0005.33d4.0d2c Current address is 0005.33d4.0d2c Interface index (ifindex) is 671089350 Minimum number of links to bring Port-channel up is 3 MTU 2500 bytes LineSpeed Actual : Nil Allowed Member Speed : 10000 Mbit Priority Tag disable IPv6 RA Guard disable Last clearing of show interface counters: 2d05h53m Queueing strategy: fifo Receive Statistics: 0 packets, 0 bytes Unicasts: 0, Multicasts: 0, Broadcasts: 0 64-byte pkts: 0, Over 64-byte pkts: 0, Over 127-byte pkts: 0 Over 255-byte pkts: 0, Over 511-byte pkts: 0, Over 1023-byte pkts: 0 Over 1518-byte pkts(Jumbo): 0 Runts: 0, Jabbers: 0, CRC: 0, Overruns: 0 Errors: 0, Discards: 0 Transmit Statistics: 0 packets, 0 bytes Unicasts: 0, Multicasts: 0, Broadcasts: 0 Underruns: 0 Errors: 0, Discards: 0 Rate info (interval 299 seconds): Input 0.000000 Mbits/sec, 0 packets/sec, 0.00% of line-rate Output 0.000000 Mbits/sec, 0 packets/sec, 0.00% of line-rate Time since last interface status change: 2d05h53m What should the customer do to bring the vLAG online? Which vendor's Ethernet fabric solution will directly join a Brocade VCS Fabric? You are implementing AMPP in your Brocade VCS Fabric to ensure that a VM has access to the LAN and SAN. Which two configurations are added to the port profile? (Choose two.) You need to deploy several FCoE initiators connected through a Brocade VDX 6730. You are required to add the VDX 6730 to an existing FC SAN without increasing the number of domains. Which action is required? You are asked to deploy servers with a single adapter that is attached to your Brocade VCS Fabric to communicate with FC SAN attached storage. Which two components are required? (Choose two.) A Brocade VCS Fabric is running NOS 4.1.1 on two Brocade VDX 8770s and four Brocade VDX 6740s in logical chassis mode. You are required to deploy FCoE servers and Layer 3 features in the solution. Which two licenses are required? (Choose two.) A Brocade VDX 6730 is added to an existing three node Brocade VCS Fabric running NOS 4.1. You want to manage all switches in the fabric from the principal switch. What should you do to accomplish this task? You are asked to connect a Brocade VDX 8770 to a Brocade VDX 6740 in logical chassis mode using four 40 Gbps links. Which license is required? For copper Twinax cables, which three distances are supported on Brocade VDX products? (Choose three.) Which two Brocade SilkWorm switches are supported in a Brocade VCS Fabric? (Choose two.) One of the switches in your Brocade VCS Fabric in logical chassis mode needs to be replaced. After configuring the replacement switch with the same VCS RBridge ID of the faulty switch, you attempt to replace the faulty switch with a new one but find the switch is segmented from the fabric. Which two steps should be completed to replace the faulty switch? (Choose two.)