150-810 - Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional 2013 Exam

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Example Questions

What would the following line accomplish if run as root? chown -R bert /home/bert/* Which configuration file should be modified to disable the ctrl-alt-delete key combination? You are configuring your Brocade VCS fabric using NOS v3. 0 to create a lossless iSCSI storage VLAN. You want to make sure that end devices will send their iSCSI frames on CoS 4. What must be explicitly enabled on the VDX switches? After installing and configuring Xfree86, you notice that when you start X, the display is not centered. What program can you run to find a better modeline setting? How do you get a list of files that have been installed from a dpkg package? What command changes the priority of the process running with process id of 12345 to the highest priority? You have just upgraded your PC to a 60 gigabyte IDE drive. While partitioning the drive, you notice that only 32 gigabytes are available. Which of the following will most likely allow you to use the entire drive? The system bell sound is annoying you. Which of the following can you use to change this and other user X preferences? You want to save vi changes to the file myfile with :w!, but vi complains it can not write to the file. Therefore, you want to check the write permissions on the file. To do this without leaving vi, you type: You have been asked to ensure that your AMPP port-profile content is either MAC based or extended ACL based. On which two attributes are the security profiles applied to the ACLs? (Choose two) You are configuring VMware vCenter server integration with your Brocade VCS fabric. Which protocol should be enabled in the vSwitches in the VM environment? What RPM command would show you detailed information for a package called openssh-3.6.i386.rpm? You are configuring a vLAG between two Brocade VDX 6730-32 switches and a server. Which three statements are true regarding this configuration? (Choose three) How many SCSI ids for peripherals can SCSI-1 support? Which RPM command will output the name of the package which installed the file /etc/exports? Which of the following commands is equivalent to kill 1234? After modifying LILO's configuration file, what command should you run for the changes to take effect? Which of the following commands will write a message to the terminals of all logged in users? Instead of supplying an explicit device in /etc/fstab for mounting, what other options may be used to identify the intended partition? (Select TWO correct answers) What umask will set the file permissions on a newly created file to -rw-r--r-- (644)? When should grep -F or the fgrep command be used to search the content of text files? You have an FCoE initiator that is attempting to communicate with a native FCoE target on the same Brocade VDX. No other devices are connected. As a company policy, your switch default zoning mode must be configured as "no access". Which two statements are correct? (Choose two) While editing a file in vi, the file changes due to another process. Without exiting vi, how can the file be reopened for editing with the new content? What is the purpose of the bash built-in export command? User Joseph has successfully extracted and compiled a program from source code. Installing the binaries produces errors. What is the most likely reason? You currently are working on a VCS fabric with Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS) implemented. Which two types of queuing features would you select to decrease congestion? (Choose two) Which of the following shell redirections will write standard output and standard error output to a file named filename? Which of the following explanations are valid reasons to run a command in the background of your shell? Which two statements about a fully functional Brocade VDX 8770 chassis are true? (Choose two) A Makefile typically contains which targets? You have just set up the Gnome Display Manager as your default display manager. What file should you edit to change the default greeting for it? You are implementing an LACP LAG between a Brocade VCS fabric and an existing IP network. The LAG has not formed. Which two steps should you take to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two) Identify the proper device for the third partition, on the second hard disk, on the first IDE controller on a PC system. You are managing a Brocade VCS fabric using a virtual IP address. You notice that the IP address is now directing you to a different switch than usual. Which two events would have caused this to occur? (Choose two) In XF86Config which section is concerned with fonts? You just started X for the first time and noticed that the display does not use the entire screen. What program can you use to fix this? You are using an application that you want to appear on the screen of another machine. What environment variable would you have to set or edit to achieve this? The system is having trouble and the engineer wants to bypass the usual /sbin/init startup and run /bin/sh. What is the usual way to pass this change to the kernel from your boot loader? Which of the following apt-get commands will install the newest versions of all currently installed packages without removing any packages or installing new packages that are not already installed? You have just set up the X Display Manager as your default display manager. What file should you edit to change the default background for it? In compliance with the FHS, in which of the following places are man pages typically found? You have completely configured vCenter integration in your Brocade VCS fabric using NOS v3. 0. Which three will be automatically created in your fabric? (Choose three) You are experimenting with a binary in /tmp/foo.d that expects its configuration file at /etc/foo.conf. You don't want to save it there, but use a symbolic link to /tmp/foo.d/foo.conf instead. Which command would accomplish that? Which command line option would you use to restrict the GNU find command to searching a particular number of subdirectories? Which of these commands allows you to use shared libraries that are in /usr/local/lib? Which command will print to standard out only the lines that do not begin with # (pound symbol) in the file foobar? You have a server connection to a Brocade VDX 6730 with an 1860 Fabric Adapter. The server connection is enabled to the Brocade VDX 6730 as a member port for VLAN 100, but the VDX 6730 cannot access the SAN storage. The VDX 6730 displays an ISL port to the DCX 8510-4 with "fcr_fd_1". Which two configuration actions on the VDX 6730 will allow the storage to be accessible by the host? (Choose two) You need to install a fax server. Which type of fax/modem should you install to insure Linux compatibility? You must configure an ISL trunk between a Brocade VDX 8770-8 and a Brocade VDX 6710. What is the maximum number of links that will form a single ISL trunk in this configuration? You have just added a CD-ROM drive (/dev/hdd) to your system and have added it to your fstab. Typically you can use which of the following commands to mount media in that drive to /mnt/cdrom?