143-425 - Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator Gen 5

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Example Questions

Which Brocade product supports up to two additional 24-port POD licenses? To enable cloud services in your Brocade Gen 5 SAN, you want to use fabric-assigned WWNs. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) You are asked to configure a new Brocade DCX 8510. What are two methods to gain full management access? (Choose two.) In an extended fabric configuration, which two extended fabric distance levels require the Extended Fabrics license? (Choose two.) You were asked to provide a trace dump on a Brocade DCX 8510-8. Which command will enable and automate the upload of this data? You are asked to troubleshoot port fencing configuration settings within your Gen 5 Brocade fabric. Which two would be used to troubleshoot these settings? (Choose two.) You installed the Fabric Vision license on your Brocade 6510 switches running Fabric OS v7.2. Which two features are now available? (Choose two.) Which command can be used to determine whether the zoning enforcement for a given online device is hardware-enforced or session-enforced? Which well known address distributes Registered State Change Notifications (RSCNs) to registered nodes? Which three statements are correct regarding Fibre Channel buffer-to-buffer credits? (Choose three.) You are upgrading your SAN to 16 Gbps. The group of switches you are currently upgrading requires 24 licensed 16 Gbps ports per switch. Which two Brocade Fibre Channel switches will satisfy the requirement without additional licenses? (Choose two.) You attempt to merge two fabrics. The merge fails and results in a fabric segmentation. Which three reasons may cause the segmentation? (Choose three.) You need to find information about Fibre Channel standards compliance for your Brocade software. Which document would you use? You are connecting a cable between two Gen 5 Brocade 6250 switches, but the switches are not forming an ISL between them. What is the reason? You want to implement frame-based hardware enforced zoning. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) Which two transceivers operate at a single speed? (Choose two.) You have been asked to analyze a Fibre Channel address. Which three sections make up the address? (Choose three.) What are two characteristics of the Name Server? (Choose two.) You have a host with several virtual machines configured that are connected to your Gen 5 fabric. You want to be able to see how much traffic each virtual host is generating on the SAN. What will satisfy this requirement? You want to upgrade the firmware on your Gen 5 Brocade 6510 switches in a fabric. Which two tools would you use to complete this task? (Choose two.) Which two are supported in the Brocade 6520? (Choose two.) You are installing a three component method for monitoring SAN devices. The components are a monitoring station, agents, and management information bases. Which monitoring solution are you installing? A customer wants to enable a new zoning configuration without risking downtime to FC communications in the fabric. Which statement is true? Your manager wants you to provide a detailed report of your fabric including a breakdown of devices as well as port utilization throughout the fabric. Which Brocade tool would complete this task for you? Which Brocade document provides a standards compliance list, the recommended migration paths to Fabric OS v7.2, and Brocade Network Advisor compatibility? You have just completed a new fabric deployment. You need to collect a supportsave to document the baseline configuration. What are three protocols available to transfer this file? (Choose three.) Which two statements are true regarding HTTPS? (Choose two.) What are two secure methods to perform a transfer of configuration files from the switch? (Choose two.) Which three statements are true about device zoning? (Choose three.) The port buffer show command output shows a port type as a U_Port. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.) When configuring zone objects, which three would be used to identify a device? (Choose three.) You have a three-port trunk with deskew values of 30, 20, and 10. Which statement is true? Your customer wants to apply the exchange-based routing policy to the fabric. Which statement is true? You are using two 16 Gbps and two 8 Gbps ISLs to connect two Brocade DCX 8510-8s. Which statement is true? Prior to enabling in-flight encryption, which feature must also be enabled? A customer is having a fabric login problem for a Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter with Gen 5 Fibre Channel. They are asked to obtain a fabric adapter supportsave. Which three tools would be used? (Choose three.) You want to manage your MAPS and Flow Vision configurations. Which tool would help you with this task? You added a new server to a zone in your Gen 5 SAN, but it cannot connect to its storage. What are two possible actions to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.) You want to configure fabric monitoring and have the switches send both SNMP traps and e-mail alerts when certain errors occur. Which utility will satisfy these requirements? While making changes to your zone configuration from the switch CLI, you realize you have deleted a zone that needed to be kept. Which command would cancel your changes? A customer needs to merge switches with two different zoning databases. Switch A has an effective and defined configuration while Switch B has the same defined configuration as switch A but has no effective configuration. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true about Brocade masterless trunking when the trunk master fails or is disabled? (Choose two.) Which three tools are available to configure a Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter with Gen 5 Fibre Channel? (Choose three.) The mSFP transceiver is supported on which DCX 8510 port blade? Which statement regarding the cfgenable command is true? You have configured the Message of the Day (MOTD). When will it display? What are three valid zone types? (Choose three.) Which two statements are true about DLS? (Choose two.) Which three statements regarding zoning aliases are true? (Choose three.) You have a Brocade DCX running Fabric OS v7.0.1a and you need to perform a non-disruptive upgrade to v7.2.0. You issue the firmwaredownload command from SSH but are unable to upgrade. What would cause this problem?