117-304 - Virtualization and High Availability

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Example Questions

Which option to the xm command will deactivate a live Xen virtual machine? (Select TWO correct answers) With Red Hat Cluster Suite, which one of the following is NOT a valid resource to be used by high availability services? What parameter must be set in the main Xen configuration file to allow migration of live virtual machines between servers? With DRBD, how can the state of the disks be checked? (Select TWO correct answers) Which of the following tools could be used to create a OCFS2 cluster filesystem? (Select TWO correct answers) In order to use HAProxy to balance incoming connections to a pool of email servers, which one of the following modes should be used? What function does the distributed lock manager (DLM) in Red Hat Cluster Suite perform? Which command will indicate whether a DRBD resource is a primary or secondary resource? Why does this virtual machine NOT boot? kvm drive file=sd When setting up a KVM virtualization host, which one of the following components is NOT required? What is the effect of running the virsh setvcpus CLUSNODE1 2 command? What command in Red Hat Cluster Suite is used to display the status of the cluster; such as membership information, quorum view, and the state of all configured user services? Which of the following statements are true when comparing full virtualization and paravirtualization in Xen? (Select THREE correct answers) An administrator needs to shutdown a Xen virtual machine immediately, otherwise, the virtual machine risks corrupting the file system. Which of the following methods could be used for an immediate shutdown? Which command should be used to convert a GFS filesystem to GFS2? Using Linux Virtual Server (LVS) provides which of the following features? (Select TWO correct answers) Which CPU flag indicates the hardware virtualization capability on an AMD CPU? Which of the following statements are true about hardware virtualization? (Select THREE correct answers) Which command would start IPVS connection synchronization for the primary load balancer? Which of the following are NOT true with regard to fencing in an environment where OCFS2 is managed by Pacemaker? (Select THREE false statements) With KVM, when using VNC as graphical output, how can the absolute positioning of the mouse pointer be assured? Which statements are true about containerbased virtualization? (Select TWO correct answers) Which kernel boot option should be used to reserve 512 MB of system memory for the Xen hypervisor? Which configuration setting ultimately determines which server will be the MASTER with keepalived? When using HAProxy to load balance a set of web servers, what directive is needed in the HAProxy configuration to be able to log the IP of the client making the requests to the web servers? With GFS, which of the following are valid arguments for the lockproto option when setting up DLM? (Select THREE correct answers) A user tries to install a Windows virtual machine, but this doesn't work. The same user has just successfully installed a Linuxbased virtual host. What is one possible reason why Windows cannot be installed? Which of the following authentication types does keepalived support for syncing between failover servers? (Select TWO correct answers) Which of the following are common uses of virtualization? (Select TWO correct answers) Which of the following are valid load balancing algorithms for HAProxy? (Select TWO correct answers) Which of the following configuration settings specify that keepalived is to use the round robin algorithm? Which command in virsh will list the virtual machines that are available on the current host? What value to the o option is missing from the following command in order to add the contents of the cluster.xml file to the current Pacemaker cluster? cibadmin C o _______ x cluster.xml Which one of the following commands will install an EZ Template for OpenVZ? When using Xen, each VM will have a configuration file matching the name of the VM. Where are these configuration files stored? With IPVS, if this sysctl variable is set to 0, the load balancer will silently drop packets when its destination server is not available. If this variable is enabled, the load balancer will expire the connection immediately when a packet arrives and its destination server is not available. What does the acronym VRRP stand for? How is the AMDV extension made available in a KVM environment? Which of the the following cluster infrastructure services are provided by heartbeat (versions 3 and post 2.1)? (Specify TWO correct answers) Xen was correctly installed, configured and initialized. Some virtual machines have been successfully started, and after that, the xend daemon has been stopped by issuing the command /etc/init.d/xend stop. In this scenario, what is the impact of stopping the xend daemon? When using the user mode network stack with qemu, TCP and UDP connections work fine but ping does not work. Why is this? What is the correct configuration stanza for a Xen virtual machine? Which one of the following options represent a valid declaration of a backend server with HAProxy? Which memory management subsystem does KVM use? Which command should be used to make a backup of the current state and configuration of a Pacemaker cluster? In virtualization, why is using a 64bit host operating system desirable compared to a 32bit host? RBD is equivalent to a networked version of what RAID level? Which command could be used to generate an ID that uniquely identifies the virtual machine in Xen? In keepalived, what keyword starts the configuration section for one of the failover servers? A configuration file for a Xen virtual machine was created in the directory /etc/xen with filename slack.cfg. What is the command to start the virtual machine defined in this configuration file including displaying its console on screen?