117-202 - LPI Level 2 Exam 202

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Example Questions

Which of the following can the program tripwire NOT check? Considering the following excerpt from the httpd.conf file, select the correct answer below: <Location> AllowOverride AuthConfig Indexes </Location> Which server program will understand and can reply to NetBIOS name service requests? Which of these tools, without any options, provides the most information when performing DNS queries? What does the following procmail configuration section do? :0fw * < 256000 | /usr/bin/foo When bash is invoked as an interactive login shell, which of the following sentences is true? The internal network ( needs to be able to relay email through the site's sendmail server. What line must be added to /etc/mail/access to allow this? A DNS server has the IP address Which TWO of the following need to be done on a client machine to use this DNS server? Which of the following commands can be used to connect and interact with remote services? (Choose TWO correct answers.) Why is the root file system mounted read-only during boot and remounted with write permission later on? What command would be used to configure the interface eth1:1 with the IP address 10 10.34 and the netmask Which is a valid Squid option to define a listening port? Which daemon is required on the client if an ethernet device gets its IP address from a central server? Given that all users have their home directory in /home and the following directive is present in the Apache HTTPD Server configuration file, what is the full filesystem path to the file referenced by the URL http://server/~joe/index.html? UserDir public_html LDAP-based authentication against a newly-installed LDAP server does not work as expected. The file /etc/pam.d/login includes the following configuration parameters. Which of them is NOT correct? When connecting to an SSH server for the first time, its fingerprint is received and stored in a file, which is located at: In what mode is your FTP session when the client side makes the connections to both the data and command ports of the FTP server? A correctly-formatted entry has been added to /etc/hosts.allow to allow certain clients to connect to a service, but this is having no effect. What would be the cause of this? Which of the following is NOT included in a Snort rule header? The Internet gateway connects the clients with the Internet by using a Squid proxy. Only the clients from the network should be able to use the proxy. Which of the following configuration sections is correct? Which of the following commands can be used to list all exported file systems from a remote NFS server? Journalling doesn't appear to be working on an ext3 file-system. When booting, the following line appears: VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly. What could be causing the problem? Which of the following configuration lines will export /usr/local/share/ to nfsclient with read-write access, ensuring that all changes are straight to the disk? What of the following is NOT a valid ACL type, when configuring squid? Which dhcpd.conf option defines the DNS server address(es) to be sent to the DHCP clients? Which Squid configuration directive defines the authentication method to use? A web server is expected to handle approximately 200 simultaneous requests during normal use with an occasional spike in activity and is performing slowly. Which directives in httpd.conf need to be adjusted? What does the testparm command confirm regarding Samba configuration? Which Apache directive is used to specify the RSA private key that was used in the generation of the SSL certificate for the server? What security precautions must be taken when creating a directory into which files can be uploaded anonymously using FTP? Which of the following options can be passed to a DHCP client machine using configuration options on the DHCP server? Which of the following actions should be considered when a FTP chroot jail is created? (Choose THREE correct answers.) Which setting in the Courier IMAP configuration file will tell the IMAP daemon to listen only on the localhost interface? During which stage of the boot process would this message be seen? ide_setup:hdc=ide-scsi Which of the following is needed, to synchronize the Unix password with the SMB password, when the encrypted SMB password in the smbpasswd file is changed? What command can be used to check the Samba configuration file? For an LDAP client configuration, the LDAP base needs to be set. Which TWO of the following actions would achieve that? What is the name of the network security scanner project which, at the core, is a server with a set of network vulnerability tests (NVTs)? Which statements about the Alias and Redirect directives in Apache's configuration file are true? What option for BIND is required in the global options to disable recursive queries on the DNS server by default? Which configuration parameter on a Postfix server modifies only the sender address and not the recipient address? Which setting in the Courier IMAP configuration file will tell the IMAP daemon to only listen on the localhost interface? What must be done on a host to allow a user to log in to that host using an SSH key? What is the standard port number for the unencrypted IMAP service? Which Squid configuration keyword is used to define networks and times that the service may be accessed? Where should the LILO code reside, on a system with only one installation of Linux and no other operating systems? Which option is used to configure pppd to use up to two DNS server addresses provided by the remote server? Which of the following are Samba security modes or levels? (Choose TWO correct answers.) An administrator wants to issue the command echo 1 >/var/log/boater.log once all of the scripts in /etc/rc2.d have been executed. What is the best way to accomplish this? Running sysctl has the same effect as: