117-201 - LPI Level 2 Exam 201

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Example Questions

Which of the following is a valid location in the automount configuration, when a Windows share needs to be made available to the system? Which of the following is a CD-ROM filesystem standard? Which tool can be used to control the runtime behavior of udev? A regular user, joe, has just run: ./configure && make && make install to build and install a program. However, the installation fails. What could be done to install the program? (Choose TWO correct answers.) Which of these commands allows you to use shared libraries that are in /usr/local/lib? What is the purpose of the command vgextend? What command is used to force a file-system check, when rebooting? Which of the following commands will securely copy the directory ./fyf/ to /var/tmp/ on the remote host deltaur using the remote user account kevin? A Linux machine freezes during boot. To boot directly to a shell prompt so that editing of files and manual starting of services is possible which command line must be passed to the kernel for the boot process? The IDE hard drive /dev/hda does not have DMA enabled. Which command must be run to enable DMA on it? What script is included with the kernel source to patch a kernel? When is historical data of resource usage important? (Select THREE correct answers.) In order to find all library dependencies of /usr/bin/foo, which of the following statement is true? What are the main network services used by the PXE protocol? (Choose TWO correct answers.) What command is used to permanently set the options in the kernel when making a boot disk? What does the -p3 option to the patch command do? Considering that a 2.4 series Linux kernel is being used, which kernel module must be loaded to enable CD burning with an IDE CD writer? A system is running out of swap space. To initialise 5GB of additional swap space, which combination of commands should be used? Which pseudo-file contains information on the status of software RAID devices? A GRUB boot loader installed in the MBR was accidentally overwritten. After booting with a rescue CD-ROM, how can the lost GRUB first stage loader be recovered? On a system with separate partitions for /, /usr, /var, /tmp, which filesystem[s] can safely be mounted readonly? What command should be used to find out what PCI devices can be seen, without querying the kernel? To restore the kernel source to the previous, unpatched, version, which of the following commands could be used? Which command could be used to see the kernel messages created from the boot time until now? You find that a host ( being used on one of your client's networks has been compromised with a backdoor program listening on port 31337. Your client requests a list of originating IP addresses connecting to that port. Using a Linux workstation as traffic analyzer, which of the following commands would gather the data requested by the client? A machine is running in single user mode and, as such, not all file-systems are accessible. What command must be run to make all of the other file-systems listed in /etc/fstab accessible? When building an RPM package, which rpmbuild option is used to unpack sources and apply patches before proceeding with the next steps? A BIND server should be upgraded to use TSIG. Which configuration parameters should be added, if the server should use the algorithm hmac-md5 and the key skrKc4DoTzi/tAkllPi7JZA== ? What information can be found in the log file specified by the status parameter in OpenVPN's server.conf? (Select TWO correct answers) The swap usage on a system needs to be checked. Which TWO commands can be used to display a swap usage summary? If all of the following files and/or symlinks exist in a SysV-init runlevel directory, which of the following will be executed first when booting the system directly into the runlevel? Which of the following commands will copy one disk partition /dev/sda3 to /dev/sdb3? Select the TWO correct alternatives regarding the kill -9 command: [NEW] Which of the following must be included in the syslogd configuration file, so that ONLY kernel related messages with the priority crit are reported? User Joseph has successfully extracted and compiled a program from source code. Installing the binaries produces errors. What is the most likely reason? Which of the following commands can be used to list IPv4 addresses and MAC addresses for IP devices that the system has seen on the local network? Which tool can be used to control the runtime behaviour of udev? What component of a system does smartd monitor? What is the minimum number of disks required in a fully redundant RAID5 array? What command is used to mount a floppy disk image under /mnt/floppy? A new PCMCIA network card is not functioning correctly. To troubleshoot this, the socket information should be checked. How can this be done? (Choose two.) A DNS server has the IP address Which TWO of the following need to be done on a client machine to use this DNS server? Which ONE of the following wireless tools can be used to check the wireless network link quality? Choose two backup programms run under linux In the following output from top, which processes contribute to the percentage of time that the CPU spends in the state of wa? Tasks: 193 total, 1 running, 190 sleeping, 2 stopped, 0 zombie Cpu(s): 0.5%us, 0.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 98.2%id, 1.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st A BIND server should never answer queries from certain networks or hosts. Which configuration directive could be used for this purpose? Which of these would be the simplest way to configure BIND to return a different version number to queries? Where should the LILO code reside, on a system with only one installation of Linux and no other operating systems? What tool can you use to print shared library dependencies? Which of the following sentences is true for the shown BIND9 configuration? options { directory "/var/named"; allow-query { any; }; allow-recursion {;; }; forwarders {; }; forward first; }; zone"." { type hint; file "named.ca"; };