117-102 - LPI Level 1 Exam 102

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Example Questions

Which backup method will require the minimum tapes to restore? You need to change the default run-level for the machine. Which file do you need to edit? (Write the full path including the filename) Which bash option will prevent you from overwriting a file with a ">"? Which of the following brings up a user friendly GUI interface? Which two files are responsible for allowing users to execute cron jobs? In what file do you change default shell variables for all users? Which command will delete the environment variable FOOBAR? Welche Berechtigungseinstellungen sollten für /etc/passwd und /etc/shadow sein? Which of the following files typically are used to configure Apache? (Choose two) In order to bypass print filters using lpr, which of following switches should be used: Which of the following describes the Linux ping packet or datagram? For accessibility assistance, which of the following programs is an on-screen keyboard? Which of the following provides a non-graphical, text based interface for users who are visually impaired that can be used as a screen reader? According to the FHS, where are user mailboxes kept? Assume that mail is not being delivered to somewhere in their home directories. These lines are taken from /etc/smb.conf: workgroup = group1 guest account = nobody What else is needed for this to work? Your server has two fully functional NICs with correct IP configuration. The server is not forwarding traffic between the NICs. Which command will enable forwarding properly? Your machine has two working NIC's with proper addresses. You want to split your network into two new subnets. What single command will accomplish this? Which of the following commands is used on the command line to send messages to the syslog systems. Select the files that are associated with TCP Wrappers. Choose all that apply. Where are the default settings for the useradd command kept? You've just rebooted your server. Users complain that the server is refusing secure connections. Which of the following is most likely causing this problem? What option of modprobe allows you to set 'autoclean' on the loaded modules? You are a junior administrator of a high-traffic production web server. Which of the following commands would you run to restart the Apache web service without aborting existing connections? What command do you use to generate an OpenSSH host key? Loadable kernel modules can (choose all that apply): Your gateway to the internet is using iptables and NAT to allow your private network to access the Internet. You've verified that the gateway is not set up to block packets, but you need to verify that it is properly masquerading them. Which of the following commands would you use to look at your NAT tables? In compliance with the FHS, in which of the following places are man pages typically found? On a system using shadowed passwords, the correct permissions for /etc/passwd are _____ and the correct permission for /etc/shadow are _____. What output will the following command sequence produce? echo '1 2 3 4 5 6' | while read a b c; do echo result: $c $b $a; done A new department's local area network has to be connected to the existing LAN using a router. This new department's LAN uses IP addresses from and the first free IP address there was reserved for the router. How many IP addresses were left for other hosts to be connected? Which directory contains additional information about installed packages? Which of the following lines would you find in the file /etc/hosts? Welche Verzeichnis eines Benutzers home enthält Konfigurationsdateien und Schlüsselanhänger für GPG? Identify the statement that would create a default route using a gateway of To avoid spammers using your mail server to relay their messages, you need to _______. What BASH environment variable will prevent you from overwriting a file with a ">" or ">>"? Which of the following could be used to load kernel modules for a 2.4.x kernel? GNU Make determines which pieces of a large program need to be recompiled and issues the commands to recompile them when necessary. User Bob Swanson (bswanson) has left Company.com. His data has already been removed from his directory. How do you remove his account and directory? Which of the following is not a valid make command during a kernel recompile? You want to add an alias for an existing DNS record. What type of DNS record could you use? Your machine has two working NICs with proper addresses. You want to split your network into two new subnets. What single command will accomplish this? Which of these are name resolution related files? (Select TWO that apply) Why is /etc/shadow not world readable if the passwords are stored in an encrypted fashion? Incremental upgrades of the kernel are distributed as: When using /etc/ppp/peers/* files, which of the following is true: The file /etc/ssh_known_hosts typically contains hosts keys for ______. What configuration file and directive will alter your apache server IP and or port that it listens to? What two files acting together make up the login environment for a user on a default install of Linux? What is the command to map a Windows user ID to a Linux user ID for use with the Samba Server?