102-350 - LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2

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Example Questions

What output will the following command produce? seq 1 5 20 You suspect that a gateway machine on your network has failed but you are unsure which machine. Which command will help locate the problem? In the following command and its output, echo $$ 12942 What is 12942? Which TWO of the following Class B IPv4 networks are reserved by IANA for private address assignment and private routing? What output will the command seq 10 produce? When attempting to send a file to another user securely with GPG, which of the following actions must be done? A French user has installed the French language pack, but currencies are still being displayed with a leading '$' sign in his spreadsheets. What must be done to fix this? What is the main difference between the batch and at commands? Which commands can you use to change a user's account aging information? (Choose THREE correct answers.) Which command will set the local machine's timezone to UTC? Which of the following lines would you find in the file /etc/resolv.conf? Suppose that the command netstat -a hangs for a long time without producing output. You might suspect: Why is /etc/shadow not world readable if the passwords are stored in an encrypted fashion? Which of the following commands can deconfigure a network interface? What is the purpose of the nsswitch.conf file? Which of the following describes the Linux ping packet or datagram? Of the ways listed, which is the best way to temporarily suspend a single user's ability to interactively login? Which of the following information is NOT provided in any output from the netstat utility? Which command will print the exit value of the previous command to the screen in bash? Which command allows you to make a shell variable visible to subshells? Why is the xhost program considered dangerous to use? For accessibility assistance, which of the following programs is an on-screen keyboard? Which configuration file does sudo read when determining if a user is permitted to run applications with root privileges? You are looking into a new script you received from your senior administrator. In the very first line you notice a #! followed by a file path. This indicates that: To test a shell script called myscript, the environment variable FOOBAR must be removed temporarily. How can this be done? Your senior administrator asked you to change the default background of his machine, which uses XDM. Which file would you edit to achieve this? What is pool.ntp.org? What is NOT contained in the locale setting of the operating system? How is the file format of /etc/crontab different from a normal crontab file? (Select TWO correct answers) What is the conventional purpose of Linux UIDs that are lower than 100? Which of the following looks like a correct entry in the /etc/hosts file? On a dual boot system, every time the system is booted back into Linux the time has been set backward by one day. Which of the following commands will correct the problem? Which TWO statements about crontab are true? Which of the following commands is used on the command line to send messages to the syslog systems? You have just set up the X Display Manager as your default display manager. What file should you edit to change the default background for it? Which of the following commands can be used to activate a specific network interface? To prevent a specific user from scheduling tasks with at, what should the administrator do? Which command is used to set restrictions on the size of a core file that is created for a user when a program crashes? Which of the following programs uses the hosts.allow file to perform its main task of checking for access control restrictions to system services? The legacy program, provided by CUPS for sending files to the printer queues on the command line is: Which statement is true regarding the following /etc/resolv.conf file? search example.com nameserver nameserver Which crontab entry could be used to set the system time at regular intervals? Which character in the password field of /etc/passwd is used to indicate that the encrypted password is stored in /etc/shadow? Which directory in a user's home contains configuration files and key rings for GPG? Which of the following configuration files should be modified to set default shell variables for all users? What is the purpose of the Sticky Keys feature in X? While performing a security audit, a temporarily mounted device will not unmount and is reported as being busy. Which of the following commands could be used to determine which process is causing the device to be busy? Which of the following SQL statements will select the fields name and address from the contacts table? What is the purpose of the dig command? Which of the following lines is an example of a correct setting for the DISPLAY environment variable?