050-SEPROSIEM-01 - RSA Certified SE Professional in Security Information and Event Management

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Example Questions

Which statement best describes Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)? Identify two (2) ways that computer viruses and worms differ. (Choose TWO.) In your web browser you type a URL that starts with https://. To what port will your browser connect, by default? The keep-state option in a Mac OS X firewall ________. Which procedure will disable a known Open Firmware password? What are the recommended POSIX permissions for a web folder being shared through WebDAV? How can you train SpamAssassin to differentiate between spam and legitimate email? Which action will result in a secure connection to a server? What two (2) steps are necessary to configure your HTTP website to forward to an SSL website? (Choose TWO.) If you see the password dialog shown above, which statement below MUST be true? <e ip="3.312.2209.b"></e> What two (2) command-line tools can help identify suspicious activity that could indicate malicious software on a computer? (Choose TWO.) You are configuring an AirPort network for WPA Enterprise. Which step is required? When using the Common Criteria tools, to which file do you add "+lo" if you want to log only successful logins performed by specific users? ________ is a command-line tool that displays the headers of packets seen by a computer's network interface card. Which two (2) features are provided by SSH, but not by Telnet? (Choose TWO.) According to Password Assistant's policy rules, a "memorable" password consists of ________. Which two (2) of these files have privileges that allow the Apache web server to read them? (Choose TWO.) How do you enable SpamAssassin in Mail services in Mac OS X Server v10.4? Which two (2) steps to obtain a certificate from a third-party are essential for signing email? (Choose TWO.) You have various sensitive documents that you want to keep encrypted, while still being able to distribute them to others. Which feature is best for this task? Which two (2) authentication mechanisms are available to SSH users? (Choose TWO.) Which two (2) steps can you take to prevent your mail service in Mac OS X Server v10.4 from being used as an open relay? (Choose TWO.) Which two (2) actions might a rootkit perform? (Choose TWO.) When using certificates, what role does a Certificate Authority (CA) play? Which statement is true of secure authentication for POP clients using Mac OS X Server mail services? Which statement describes a function of the Master Password? You want to give the group labadmin the ability to unlock any user's screen saver, but not give the group any further administrative rights. How do you do this? You have first enabled Personal File Sharing on your computer, and then turned on the built-in firewall. How does the default behavior of the Mac OS X firewall affect file sharing on your computer? Which command will find files that have the SUID bit set? What does Stealth Mode on the Mac OS X Firewall do? Which command will force users on local computers to create passwords of at least 12 characters, whether or not they are connected to a directory server? The Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) is ________. Which statement best describes FileVault? Which statement describes an effective method to conceal an installed rootkit? Which Mac OS X log contains a record of every login and logout performed at the command line or from the login window? Which statement best describes the Controlled Access Protection Profile (CAPP)? By default, which protocol does the VPN service in Mac OS X Server v10.4 use to authenticate users? You have configured your AirPort Base Station for 128-bit WEP authentication, and have assigned a network passphrase. Why would you need to distribute the 26-digit hex key to your users? Which command will create an encrypted disk image? Which file do you configure to enable Common Criteria auditing on startup? You must configure Mac OS X so that each of your users can access his or her home folder over the network. Which service, if used to accomplish this goal, would cause a weak hash of each user's password to be stored in the shadow hash file? Which action will enable ACLs on a Mac OS X v10.4 volume? How are passwords in a Mac OS X keychain kept secure? Which protocol can be enabled in Mac OS X Mail to handle encryption of communication with a mail server? You want to use Directory Access Control Lists (DACLs) in LDAP. Which step must you complete? You want to check your bank statement using Safari 2.x on a public terminal. In what two (2) ways can you ensure that NO record of your activities will be visible after your banking session is complete? (Choose TWO.) Why should you avoid logging in as an administrator to perform routine tasks? Consider the following folder listing: drwxrwxrwt 5 root staff 170 May 20 16:39 /Users/Public/Shared/ Inside the folder is the file Report.rtf: -rw-r--r-- 1 kim staff 0 Oct 11 15:51 Report.rtf Who can delete Report.rtf? What Common Criteria tool lets you specify which log events to display? What is the result of adding the line below to the default slapd.conf file? disallow bind_anon